Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Discover Your Miracle with Lancôme Maqui Miracle

Have you ever wonder why some people just have the Perfect Aura all the time? 

I know I do.

So I seek for Lancome's latest invention,

Maqui Blanc Miracle
Natural Brighting Creator Foundation
They've Unlocked
The Secret of Aura Bright

These days, just whitening is not enough. We want something lastingly help us creates a natural glow and aura of brightness as if its coming from within. Sometimes I do need the help because some days I just look dull and dead. Not confident and haggard that makes other people feel I am anti-social and got some attitude problem! Which I am so not! Is just I didn't have enough sleep and stress is piling up! I need something to make me look lively, kicking and ready to rock the world!

 Why is there a hole?!
 Is for the powder to clip-in!
 SO EASY! No more pins and needles to remove once done :D!

Sponge applicator has double sides
Soft Rough- for better pick-up and application on skin
Soft Smooth(like super smooth)- to even up the whole application


 Loving the BIG MIRROR!!!!!! 
Can see my whole face.

 It evens up my skin tone and helps hide flaws
Can you see how when the light hit my face and the light reflects that creates 
The All-Time-Wanted Aura.
Soft upon Touching, it feels so light.
The challenge: 12 hours lasting power.
Confident level up!
I'm ready to ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!

Sun so BRIGHT and HOT!
Thank God Maqui Miracle has SPF 35/PA ++
Protection to the MAX!

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock......

In class, waiting for class to start.....=_=
 Shhh.... don't tell my friends that I am vain and most importantly, 
 I'm glowing and you're not!
 Still loving the HUGE mirror!
 The casing look so nice. Motivation to study! 

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock......
2pm: hang with friends.
Someone asked: "you look so bright and joyful today, something good happen r?"
Me: *smile.......like i have something to hide :p*

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock......
=_= another class at 3pm
Meeting at 5pm
IKEA meatballs at 7pm-8.45pm
Walking around curve with someone special without the need to worry how I look. (plus point!)

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock......
10.30pm (I think): back home

Look at the mirror, Still have the Aura with me!

 Let's go party! 
=_= Joking, too tired. 
Aura did not fade off also I will still turn my system off. 

 Thanks Lancome Paris New Maqui Blanc Miracle!
I had a great day looking good today!

Try it for yourself! You deserve the AURA.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Job Hunt. Vacancy @ William Harald-Wong & Associates Sdn Bhd!

If you think I am becoming a head hunter, Stop there and don't move on! I received an email from this company and they are recruiting. I was asked if I can help advertise it for them, WHY not?! I am glad to help fresh grads/ people that are looking for jobs because these days there are so many degree holders are unemployed. 

Please do not email me regarding the job, I won't have a clue. Do go directly to them, their infos below.

If this blogpost had helped you, pls do email me and give a testimony. I would like to hear it!

So if you are looking for a job, check if you qualify below:

William Harald-Wong & Associates Sdn Bhd is an established and internationally recognised design company with over 15 years' experience creating powerful brands and visual communications. (google William Harald Wong).

The company now consults on designing the human and cultural experience for new Asian cities, large-scale mixed-use developments, museums and branded spaces. Our current projects are in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

We have a vacancy for 

Project Coordinator

Job description
• Liaison person between client and creative studio
• Able to communicate well in English (written and spoken)
• To assist in the writing of brand strategy papers for presentation
• Own a car, required to travel
• Indepedent and a self-starter, like meeting people from both the corporate world and the creative industries
• Malaysian citizen or PR status

If you have more than 4 years' design management experience you will be a candidate for a Project Manager. We would also consider a fresh graduate from a Business,  Management or Communications course of a University if he/she possesses exceptional abilities but lacking experience.

We are based in Setiawangsa (near the Setiawangsa Putra LRT station), Jalan Ampang area, Kuala Lumpur.

Please email cv to admin@whwdesign.com and account@whwdesign.com  
or  call +603-4256 3484 / fax +603-4256 4494

Thursday, March 10, 2011

So you love to shop, what's next?

Attention to all shopaholics, non-shopaholic but loves to shop, thinks that they are an amazing shopper, thinks that they are malaysia's best shopper, people who needs new items in their wardrobe, people who wants to shop for free and people who just want to be on TV!

This is for you! Trust me! Just read on....

So recently I came to find that a new local reality tv show is looking for people to participate. You don't have to be an engineer/doctor/accountant and etc. No skills required. If you know how to grab items from the mall within a budget, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE! No CV/RESUME required. 

Is that simple!!!

All you need to do is to attend an audition, details as following:

Day: Saturday
Date: March 12 
Venue: Fahrenheit 88

Do register at www.trulyashopper.com 
BUT if you are reading this like on Saturday itself, HOW? :) No worries, they do accept walk-ins as well. Though register will help you to be guarantee a place in the audition. 

I am sure by now you will be asking what in the world I am talking about and you want to know more about this right?

This first ever Malaysian reality TV show is called Truly A Shopper. 
and their mission is to search for Malaysia's Most Skillful Shopaholic 
The winner will walk away with CASH RM10,000, RM5000 worth of prizes and the title Truly A Shopper!

After audition, judges with choose 48 contestant and public voting will be done to shortlist the next 12 'shoppers' for the next stage. Those 12 'shoppers' will be challenged and given task to be completed and yes, all of it have something to do with SHOPPING. How awesome is that right?! 

Six task
Six episodes
Do you think you can handle this retail therapy?

Also, viewers! You can join in the fun too! There will be a weekly contest for you to win shopping vouchers!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Time's up

My three months of holidays is up and I am in my 4th semester of my Degree in communication and media management. Still loving it even though I hate classes because it always clashes with my other activities that I love doing.

I went for Truly A Shopper press conference recently and I will be blogging about it soon this week because I had an amazing time there :) It is truly made for shopaholics! This will be reality tv show coming up soon in malaysia. Wait up for that blog post :)

So this year it seemed that I have put my hands into many various things like the badminton club, cheer club (soon to come in lakeside :D!) and I might be joining swimming too. Meeting, meeting and more meetings. Oh not to forget symphony orchestra as well under acapella group.

I have been very unproductive and lazy. I don't like being that way. All I think about is just to watch gossip girl and more gossip girl! I have been very into movies lately, I just want to watch movies all the time. Especially now when all the good movies is out, gives me more reason to watch them.

By the way, I rarely update my blog also got people follow me, I am happy :) Thanks all readers!

The rest I shall entertain you all with pictures.