Tuesday, February 1, 2011

oh-so-rare updates

Hello......... My blog readers! I have no idea if any of you keep up with my blog other than my mother but I know it has been a while. Don't get me wrong, I still love blogging as it is the only place where I can be vain all I want. 

Past two months break was good. Not much of working but done pretty much different things and activities that I don't often do. I left one month of holiday and then is back to reality, a student in her fourth semester. Pretty depressing though due to the thought of me having only one and half years left in University. I am excited about the working world too because I can't wait to start earning my own money. :D It's true, as much as I love getting allowances from my parents, I feel more secure earning my own money. However, just the thought of paying for my own car kills me. Worst will be the thought of 'what if I can't get my dream career that pays well?' OMG, then I won't be able to have a good life! I still want my own place and my huge walking closet! What am I gonna do then? Stay with my parents? woooooo, dun wan. *Cries*

Honestly, i don't even know why am I still up at this hour. Check it out people, it's 4.13am on a tuesday morning. I should be tired after a long evening helping up with the Arrowheads and did some reply on FB, email and LOAT. I do pray for many things to fall into place. I thank God for much things that He had done for me. I am happy. Still praying very hard on me joining the entertaiment industry one day and some how making it big there. I really really do, my life long dream. Sing, Dance, Act, Host, Model I will do! I don't care!

Getting hungry now..... Bak kua I miss.........