Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still voiceless but moving on with life

Brake my own record for being silent for 2 days. I still damn shiok went out whole day yesterday and tasted my first ikea meatballs! It's superb! Communication becomes tough when you can't speak. Especially for a talkative person like me relay mainly on my verbal communication most of the time shows me a whole different perspective yesterday. When I no longer able to be the one creating a conversation, driving journey to your destination may be less interesting due to all the quiet moments. However, mine wasn't boring at all though. haha. Second thing I realize, when I can't say thank you to those promoters or waiter, I feel bad! I feel so rude! Even though I just smile back at them still seem not sufficient. Third thing is actually kinda fun walking about and converse through pen and paper, making other ppl around us thinks that I mute. haha. Seriously, try it. Trying go shopping and be silent. Sometimes ppl tend to be nicer but of course, is so frustrating!

Is still in the process of healing, really hoping for my voice back my tomorrow or thursday. I miss them so much. I miss singing so much. However, I'm excited for today's mirror fitting with Carven Ong. I have no idea who is that until I googled him. GOSH, well known fashion designer! Designs gowns and coutures. So fun! Hopefully he has something for short ppl like me. I miss subway cookie. Oh, face to face is finally in Klang! Freak awesome. hahahaha!

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