Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do I?

For someone who loves blogging a lot is certainly not updating her blog regularly. As much as I said I am taking a break for this holidays and not going to do much working and stuff, I feel so unproductive! It is driving me crazy! I feel so lazy and I feel like I need to work. Haha. I don't deny that I love waking up late in the morning and taking my own sweet time just laying around as much as I want. With so much time on my hands, I still somehow find myself occupied with many other things. I think I did a lot of catching up with friends, not much with family though but I am sure my parents and happy that they finally see my face more often in a week than usual.

Am I complaining?  I feel like I am. Haha, freak, I am contradicting myself because I do have a few things in hand to settle but I just never get to it. Why? Because I am lazy. It is true, I'm still human, I do get lazy. Also, if my mom is reading this, I think I suck at this semester but no worries, it's not that bad. Haha, I still can remember that she was worried about me getting my first warning letter due to my poor attendance for NDPW class. See, as much as Taylor's is very close to my heart, I am still quite rebellious.

It is kinda awesome for Volleyball team to have a tournament and a friendly coming up in December. I guess that itself took up quite a lot of my night time for practices. Let's see what else, tuition ministry is taking a break. My mirror's competition is still on, 16 Dec 2010 is the final in Mist club bangsar. Anybody interested to come and help support me? I do pray and hope for the best! Nothing much really, my life seems kinda boring these days.

I'm here thanking God for many things in my life. Amen!

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