Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost the end of 2010

Woots, another year passing by and I'm going to be 21 next year. Pressure? I don't know. So far, not really, not yet maybe. I would describe 2010 as a good year for me, God has just been so awesome to me even though there are some things that I'm slighty disappointed about or even somewhat made me depressed is some ways at some point within this year. God's perfect plan leads to something better most of the time, I just have to keep trusting in Him. I may not like the way He do things sometimes but He have me best at heart. Yeah, pain and suffering at times but fruitful in the midst of affliction. Man, I still love those words. I may even change it back. Haha, we'll see.

Joining Mirror's have definitely impacted my life in one way or another. It gave me a chance to give modelling a shot and have photoshoots and heavy makeup, go for fitting, have catwalk classes and dance lessons. I get to do all the things I love at one go! Maybe it gave me a confirmation that this is where I want my future to be, I know and will work towards the fashion and entertaiment industry. Fall back? Journalism, another thing that I like to do.

I did not win mirrors but the experiences gain was worth my time. Me on mag and buntings?! Cool to the max! Something to add to the list of things that I had done. Thank God for everything.


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