Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost the end of 2010

Woots, another year passing by and I'm going to be 21 next year. Pressure? I don't know. So far, not really, not yet maybe. I would describe 2010 as a good year for me, God has just been so awesome to me even though there are some things that I'm slighty disappointed about or even somewhat made me depressed is some ways at some point within this year. God's perfect plan leads to something better most of the time, I just have to keep trusting in Him. I may not like the way He do things sometimes but He have me best at heart. Yeah, pain and suffering at times but fruitful in the midst of affliction. Man, I still love those words. I may even change it back. Haha, we'll see.

Joining Mirror's have definitely impacted my life in one way or another. It gave me a chance to give modelling a shot and have photoshoots and heavy makeup, go for fitting, have catwalk classes and dance lessons. I get to do all the things I love at one go! Maybe it gave me a confirmation that this is where I want my future to be, I know and will work towards the fashion and entertaiment industry. Fall back? Journalism, another thing that I like to do.

I did not win mirrors but the experiences gain was worth my time. Me on mag and buntings?! Cool to the max! Something to add to the list of things that I had done. Thank God for everything.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seenamon update!

Hey everyone,

Seenamon is back with new stuff!

The rachel necklace!

Pearl collection!

Vanilla from pearl collection.

Christmas is coming! Get something from seenamon for your family or friends!

Still voiceless but moving on with life

Brake my own record for being silent for 2 days. I still damn shiok went out whole day yesterday and tasted my first ikea meatballs! It's superb! Communication becomes tough when you can't speak. Especially for a talkative person like me relay mainly on my verbal communication most of the time shows me a whole different perspective yesterday. When I no longer able to be the one creating a conversation, driving journey to your destination may be less interesting due to all the quiet moments. However, mine wasn't boring at all though. haha. Second thing I realize, when I can't say thank you to those promoters or waiter, I feel bad! I feel so rude! Even though I just smile back at them still seem not sufficient. Third thing is actually kinda fun walking about and converse through pen and paper, making other ppl around us thinks that I mute. haha. Seriously, try it. Trying go shopping and be silent. Sometimes ppl tend to be nicer but of course, is so frustrating!

Is still in the process of healing, really hoping for my voice back my tomorrow or thursday. I miss them so much. I miss singing so much. However, I'm excited for today's mirror fitting with Carven Ong. I have no idea who is that until I googled him. GOSH, well known fashion designer! Designs gowns and coutures. So fun! Hopefully he has something for short ppl like me. I miss subway cookie. Oh, face to face is finally in Klang! Freak awesome. hahahaha!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Finally, after day three of being sick with sore throat, sore body and fever. My voice box couldn't take it no longer, it broke and I officially can't speak. Only a few hours since I woke up this morning, my family attacked me with no mercy. Taking advantage of my situation where I can't speak for myself thus bullying me and making fun of me. haha. How evil of them. It's cool though, it's just a family thing to do. My parents say is the best time to scold me, cis,  because I can't defend myself so I can only listen. I tried to write on a piece of paper but obviously, their speech is ten times faster than mine. The saddest part was when I wrote Iphone 4 and show it to my mom, she totally did got get what is it until a few try of pronunciation and I just spoke to them about it last night. Haha, gosh, this shows how blur my mom can be when it comes to tech. I gave up on trying to have a conversation with pen and paper because it is just freaking not working, at all!

However, me being silent may either be a good break for my family from a miss babbling-all-the-time or they are not used to the fact that I am just so quiet. HAHAHA, I got a feeling is the second option, or at else I hope it is. :) Whatever it is, still love them though. They still care and it is honestly the greatest thing to have a pharmacist in the house, I can literally just ask my sister for appropriate medication and 'pop', it appears the next day. Even faster than Pos Laju.

I've watch 'The social network' with Timothy last friday after a good BKT session with Aisha and Colin. Many said it was boring but I did kind of enjoyed it. I had Mahsiswa tournament yesterday with the Volley teammates, we lost, end of story. haha, it was all mistake and also must be the lack of practice with the whole team. Though, one thing I love about us is that we always had fun fellowship-ing with each other doesn't matter if it is for the worst or the best.

Also yesterday, I had a hang out session at Frontera, Jaya one with Jolyn. We were there for Lyon The Band's gig. At the same time, stayed for JIZ's gig too because I knew they are going to be there as well. I like it, just friends chilling and listening to music. Imran being imran offered me a bir even with him knowing that I will decline even if that is the only fluid available in the whole wide world. Though, it is nice to see them off campus since now everyone is on holiday. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do I?

For someone who loves blogging a lot is certainly not updating her blog regularly. As much as I said I am taking a break for this holidays and not going to do much working and stuff, I feel so unproductive! It is driving me crazy! I feel so lazy and I feel like I need to work. Haha. I don't deny that I love waking up late in the morning and taking my own sweet time just laying around as much as I want. With so much time on my hands, I still somehow find myself occupied with many other things. I think I did a lot of catching up with friends, not much with family though but I am sure my parents and happy that they finally see my face more often in a week than usual.

Am I complaining?  I feel like I am. Haha, freak, I am contradicting myself because I do have a few things in hand to settle but I just never get to it. Why? Because I am lazy. It is true, I'm still human, I do get lazy. Also, if my mom is reading this, I think I suck at this semester but no worries, it's not that bad. Haha, I still can remember that she was worried about me getting my first warning letter due to my poor attendance for NDPW class. See, as much as Taylor's is very close to my heart, I am still quite rebellious.

It is kinda awesome for Volleyball team to have a tournament and a friendly coming up in December. I guess that itself took up quite a lot of my night time for practices. Let's see what else, tuition ministry is taking a break. My mirror's competition is still on, 16 Dec 2010 is the final in Mist club bangsar. Anybody interested to come and help support me? I do pray and hope for the best! Nothing much really, my life seems kinda boring these days.

I'm here thanking God for many things in my life. Amen!