Monday, November 1, 2010

Moment of silence

First of all, I deeply thank you everyone that voted for me during the past 2 weeks. I am also deeply sorry for all the spamming on the facebook page, I'm sure most of you are bored listening to my shout out to vote for me! I will update on the results as soon as it is out.

After a very long time, I never really take time for myself to sit by the lake (around the car park area) all by myself and just be quiet in the presence of the humongous wind blowing from right to left. A stair way rarely used by anyone in the campus seems to be the best place to hang after all. Deejavu though, I don't think it's my first time sitting here alone. It will be even better if there is plug point for me to charge my dying laptop battery. Actually, I never really have the time for times like this to stop thinking about anything but just to reflect what had happenned recently and think what I should have done to make somethings better. Take a break from my activity after activity life with a full stomach of cripsy popiah. As much as I wish it could last forever, in 10 minutes time, I will be back on my feet for my next activity.

Imagining a cup in my hand with the smell of that aromatic coffee might just made this moment even better but unfortunately, Chill's cafe will just have to be out of my favourite mocha. 'Take every good moment as it will only happen once, you will learn to appreciate it more' said Dr Rama, one of lecturer for this semester. After all the chances of speaking to him since June, I guess I appreciate this sentence the most. Adding to it, he said it is happening all the time, I just did not bother to notice it. As small as a thing can be, it is still a good moment to be appreciated.

So far today was good despite the lousy mark for NDPW that is out. A freaking Credit, what happen to all my Ds? Did I lose touch on my ability to score? or Did I just lose interest to pressure myself too much in my studies? or Maybe I have understood the meaning of life don't just revolves on how great your grades are. It is not everything. Besides, I am not scoring poorly. I mean, I'm doing fine. I may not be the best student in my class, who cares. I just need to be happy.

Time's up. So long my me time, definitely will miss it. Time for accapella! and then volleyball right after that.