Saturday, October 16, 2010

time passed

Super abandonment! Gosh, such a long time. I want to blog but I just don't have time.


I'm in Top 25 Mirror's Ambassodor search! Yipeeee! Have been fun so far and Top 10 voting will be up next week! Will spam everyone's fb soon. Can't wait to see the actual picture.

Second wave assignments done! I'm so happy! Thank God for those times.

I need to stop and think about my life. What have I done? What have I achieved? What do I want to achieve? I need more connections! I need more work in the entertainment industry. I xiao need God.

Me time don't exist in my context! Will have to find time. Crappy assignments, I so need to score better. Arghhh, why ppl can score HD and you can't!

Okay, need to sleep. Nights

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