Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ipod touch 4th generation.

Should I get them? This is not a predicament, haha, I know my wants and needs. I am just not willing to spend so much yet. Im just afraid my raining day will come soon.

I am salsa-ing again! It feels so good! My feet hurts on the first day though, shouldn't have worn to high of heels.

Movies to watch:
Life as we know it
A perfect wedding

Assignments to do:
ALL SUBJECTS. hahaha. Die la.

I have started anything. I can't find a suitabel topic for RFM. Not sure what to write for DS. Still learning on dreamweaver for NDPW and.... JE, like no feeling of final assignments yet.

Omgosh, this gonna be so random, chinese taiwan shows are so sweet... and heartbreaking. Seriously, no inspiration to blog anymore.

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NanaKing.BananaBoatMan said...

If ur phone is busted, or if ur not happy with it, get iphone 4 instead. Its better to get a phone that u KNOW u will use for at least 3 years..:P..but ipod 4 got 64GIG MEMORY NYOMNYOMNYOM and safer to jailbreak /winkwink. ROADTRIP WEI ROADTRIP