Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brand new Life

I have been very off my life track for the past few weeks. Struggling trying to focus and having some difficulties placing God or heck, even myself in the center of my life. I was so distracted to the point where I couldn't even see where I was heading. Is like the finish line is just straight up north but I was running towards the east. Obviously, when you are too blinded, you thought everything was fine and things are going A-ok! Like honestly, I was truly happy living in my wonderland until I found out that I actually fell into a deep hole just Alice did. Living in a world with talking cats and crazy orange-headed Johnny Depp might seems fun and tempting because in fairytales, consequences doesn't matter. Everything else doesn't seems to matter at all. For God to not wake me up straight away from my dream is an abhorrence, He just have to put me through this ordeal. As much as I hate this agonizing experiences which usually only kicks-in after a bright light shines penetrating through my eyes that obviously hurts, I guess I still give thanks to God for splashing ice cold water on face to wake me up. It's harsh but I'm a heavy sleeper, stubborn kids like me will just have to go through the hard way.

I'm going to re-construct my life and get myself back together. Put on my favourite pair of track suit, get back on track and continue my rat race, it's never too late with God by your side. With the occasional Baskin Robin will definately put a smile on my face.

Oh and I am coming to a conclusion that good people never come first and being a sarcastic bia-tch is pretty fun actually. Hah! Who knows, that could be my turn-over, it could be just what I need! Haha.  

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