Saturday, August 14, 2010

Plans to revamp my blog

I have a real rush of building my blog again after attending a journalism talk recently. The talk was really inspiring and I find myself enjoying it more than other communication talks like advertising talk or multimedia talk and etc. Recently, I find myself pondering if I should have taken Journalism instead of CMM because I do feel very much into writing now. Of course, I still do love being in front of the camera and talk. I love covering events and writing about stuffs that matters to me. I guess so far it doesn't really matter because with CMM degree, I can basically do anything because it is a very general course. No fears for the future, I am pretty much secured. Only worry is that if I would get a job that I love and great pay for the standard of living that I want to live in.

I am having the rush of working with my english again. Hehehe. Gotta stay close to my dictionary and readings.

I can feel that I am trying to take this semester more seriously. Thanks to my laid back moments of last semester, I have to get my grades up even though some of my friends say that it is not that bad. What can I say, I'm still human, I suck sometimes. I am so far from perfect, I still get ugly zits on my face or a bad hair day. So like me for who I am cause I don't look the same every single day.

I'm really blessed in many ways. Through Seenamon, friends, blogging and etc. I believe that my life can be better but I do appreciate what I already have. Anyways, I'm trusting God to give me my dream life!

Yes, I will have something done with my blog soon. Chiao!

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