Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love bazaar!

Pity this blog not updated in a while, even if I do, it will be about seenamon. Not going to lie because partly I am promoting Seenamon's first ever bazaar participation!

Event: I love Bazaar
Venue: Subang Parade (in front of celebrity fitness)
Date: Saturday 7 august 2010
Time: 11am-9pm

God is amazing for the awesome things happening in my life. Thank God!

My life story is just really amazing, I had done so many catching up with friends in just one month. This time is not all about working.
Scroll down for pictures!

The Big Trip, Perhentian!

My volleyball tournament! and the BBQ party.

Captian Ball with Church members!

CF events and outings!

Urbanscapes with the girls!

Birthday celebrations!

Catching up with Michelle Lau Wey Chin + her BD party!

Catching up with redang boys!

Siblings registration!

Random camwhore in class

ISCF Rally 2010!

and outing with klang people!

Okay fine, some of the activities doesn't happen in the month of July but is still fun! haha.

My 3rd semester just started a few days ago and I am surprised and grateful with the fact that so far, I have not freak out and stress yet. Unlike last semester, it was like hell. I pray to God may this sem be great. Hopefully I don't fill myself with so much of crap like last sem, slacking and procrastinating is my worst enemy! Go away you horrible devils, you are even worst than the mighty rashes that I infected during perhentian. Thanks to Jolyn, I'm in the mood of shooping again. Hehe. Oh, may God bless me to be financially stable! Amen

Loving life,

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