Monday, August 16, 2010

battery wasn't completely charged

Blame some crazy people who rang my phone at 1am and 3.30am last night. Seriously, what's the deal, are you out of your mind? There was I happily having my beauty rest since 10pm hoping that I will have a wonderful, energetic next day but no, some smarty pants will have to disrupt all that. It's not often that I go to bed at 10pm just so that I could wake up at 5.30am and attend college prayer meeting at 7.30am, thanks to whoever was that, I was late for prayer. Probably because of the deficiency of sleep that cause me to obtain this flu that I thought was a sinus this morning. Thanks for spoiling my day. I was sleepy the whole day and couldn't concentrate in class. Best of all, I still have to attend volleyball later. Ain't that just 'AWESOME'. Sepak kau only you know!

Change Mood

Anyway, sitting in the quiet corner of the library have a different feel of experience. The funny part is that when anyone accidentally spoke loudly, literally everyone's head will look up or turn towards the source of the sound. If you drop a stack of book, same thing will happen. So what do you categories this as, the looking people are distracted by the sound that cause their heads to turn or we humans are just naturally 'kepo' (busybody)? We just can't help but wanting to see what happened, right? The same case when an accident happened on the road, people will just have to slow down their vehicle to contribute in observing? Mind you that they are at the same time contributing to traffic congestion at the back.

Oh oh, there's a cute guy just passed by and smiled at me.I don't really know him, I think he's my friend's friend. hahahahaha! ok, too much information. Nick just called me to remind me about fine dining tomorrow. Okay, seriously, I am way too tired to continue. Have a nice day everyone!

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