Monday, August 23, 2010

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I want to experience the fun of being a model. TQ SO MUCH!


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Waktu Rehat - Featured!

Alright, since it is already on the Disney Channel Asia Web, I can finally blog about this. I am a featured extra in a home grown disney series 'Waktu Rehat' that will be premiere on the 31st August 2010 at 12pm! I know, I am just playing a really small role but I was so glad that Red Communication called me up as one of the extras. I was so happy to be able to do even just one liner. It wasn't easy at all, it was tiring but really an amazing experience. I loved the experience.

Anyways, enough about this vain pot. Let's talk about one of the main cast from the show who is currently my classmate for JE subject this semester.... Drum Roll............... Nicholas aka Wai Chong in the show! Honestly, we were so surprise to see each other there at the studio. Personally, it was really freaky but I am so proud of him! I was like 'OMGosh, a taylor's student in the main cast. Hell yeah!'. If you are still blur, just go to the page link below and you can see him in the prefect uniform that talks.

Don't worry, you can't see me anywhere there and I will only be in one scene. I can't wait to catch the show!

Monday, August 16, 2010

battery wasn't completely charged

Blame some crazy people who rang my phone at 1am and 3.30am last night. Seriously, what's the deal, are you out of your mind? There was I happily having my beauty rest since 10pm hoping that I will have a wonderful, energetic next day but no, some smarty pants will have to disrupt all that. It's not often that I go to bed at 10pm just so that I could wake up at 5.30am and attend college prayer meeting at 7.30am, thanks to whoever was that, I was late for prayer. Probably because of the deficiency of sleep that cause me to obtain this flu that I thought was a sinus this morning. Thanks for spoiling my day. I was sleepy the whole day and couldn't concentrate in class. Best of all, I still have to attend volleyball later. Ain't that just 'AWESOME'. Sepak kau only you know!

Change Mood

Anyway, sitting in the quiet corner of the library have a different feel of experience. The funny part is that when anyone accidentally spoke loudly, literally everyone's head will look up or turn towards the source of the sound. If you drop a stack of book, same thing will happen. So what do you categories this as, the looking people are distracted by the sound that cause their heads to turn or we humans are just naturally 'kepo' (busybody)? We just can't help but wanting to see what happened, right? The same case when an accident happened on the road, people will just have to slow down their vehicle to contribute in observing? Mind you that they are at the same time contributing to traffic congestion at the back.

Oh oh, there's a cute guy just passed by and smiled at me.I don't really know him, I think he's my friend's friend. hahahahaha! ok, too much information. Nick just called me to remind me about fine dining tomorrow. Okay, seriously, I am way too tired to continue. Have a nice day everyone!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Plans to revamp my blog

I have a real rush of building my blog again after attending a journalism talk recently. The talk was really inspiring and I find myself enjoying it more than other communication talks like advertising talk or multimedia talk and etc. Recently, I find myself pondering if I should have taken Journalism instead of CMM because I do feel very much into writing now. Of course, I still do love being in front of the camera and talk. I love covering events and writing about stuffs that matters to me. I guess so far it doesn't really matter because with CMM degree, I can basically do anything because it is a very general course. No fears for the future, I am pretty much secured. Only worry is that if I would get a job that I love and great pay for the standard of living that I want to live in.

I am having the rush of working with my english again. Hehehe. Gotta stay close to my dictionary and readings.

I can feel that I am trying to take this semester more seriously. Thanks to my laid back moments of last semester, I have to get my grades up even though some of my friends say that it is not that bad. What can I say, I'm still human, I suck sometimes. I am so far from perfect, I still get ugly zits on my face or a bad hair day. So like me for who I am cause I don't look the same every single day.

I'm really blessed in many ways. Through Seenamon, friends, blogging and etc. I believe that my life can be better but I do appreciate what I already have. Anyways, I'm trusting God to give me my dream life!

Yes, I will have something done with my blog soon. Chiao!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love bazaar!

Pity this blog not updated in a while, even if I do, it will be about seenamon. Not going to lie because partly I am promoting Seenamon's first ever bazaar participation!

Event: I love Bazaar
Venue: Subang Parade (in front of celebrity fitness)
Date: Saturday 7 august 2010
Time: 11am-9pm

God is amazing for the awesome things happening in my life. Thank God!

My life story is just really amazing, I had done so many catching up with friends in just one month. This time is not all about working.
Scroll down for pictures!

The Big Trip, Perhentian!

My volleyball tournament! and the BBQ party.

Captian Ball with Church members!

CF events and outings!

Urbanscapes with the girls!

Birthday celebrations!

Catching up with Michelle Lau Wey Chin + her BD party!

Catching up with redang boys!

Siblings registration!

Random camwhore in class

ISCF Rally 2010!

and outing with klang people!

Okay fine, some of the activities doesn't happen in the month of July but is still fun! haha.

My 3rd semester just started a few days ago and I am surprised and grateful with the fact that so far, I have not freak out and stress yet. Unlike last semester, it was like hell. I pray to God may this sem be great. Hopefully I don't fill myself with so much of crap like last sem, slacking and procrastinating is my worst enemy! Go away you horrible devils, you are even worst than the mighty rashes that I infected during perhentian. Thanks to Jolyn, I'm in the mood of shooping again. Hehe. Oh, may God bless me to be financially stable! Amen

Loving life,