Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am suppose to have more free time

I just realize that even if I am not working as what I used to do in the past where I work full time with the admin, I am still as busy as I was! I thought that talking a break means More TIME, more Sims 3, more ME time but NOOOOOO. Hahahahaha, I am still packed with other stuffs. Though, I have more time for friends this time.

I went Muar, Johor with few of the CF people (Kenneth, Sean, Eileen, Joel) for Joash's and Family wake service and Nilai for Funeral. Great experience! Met wonderful new people like Karen, Kevin and Jek. They are friends of Joash.









 I had a great time, no doubt. Thanks Kevin, Jek and Karen for the accomodation and the driving!

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