Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am suppose to have more free time

I just realize that even if I am not working as what I used to do in the past where I work full time with the admin, I am still as busy as I was! I thought that talking a break means More TIME, more Sims 3, more ME time but NOOOOOO. Hahahahaha, I am still packed with other stuffs. Though, I have more time for friends this time.

I went Muar, Johor with few of the CF people (Kenneth, Sean, Eileen, Joel) for Joash's and Family wake service and Nilai for Funeral. Great experience! Met wonderful new people like Karen, Kevin and Jek. They are friends of Joash.









 I had a great time, no doubt. Thanks Kevin, Jek and Karen for the accomodation and the driving!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

RIP Joash Wee

I have a friend passed away this morning between 7-8am. We will always miss you in CF.


June 17, 2010 16:53 PM
Five Killed, Three Hurt In Pahang Road Accident

A badly damaged Naza Ria. Pic by Mohd FaizolPEKAN, June 17 (Bernama) -- Five people were killed and three others badly injured in an accident between a multipurpose vehicle and a trailer lorry at Km87 of Jalan Kuantan-Segamat on Thursday, police said.

Pekan police deputy chief DSP Amran Sidek said the dead were identified as Roland Wee Seng Hock, 56, senior assistant of a secondary school in Muar, Johor, his son Joash Wee, 23, two daughters Jasinth Wee, 18, and Jelyn Wee, 16, and mother-in-law Lim Kim Boon, 79.

Those injured were Seng Hock's wife, Chew Chin Loi, 54, and two other children of theirs, Jemima Wee, 17, and Josiah Wee, 13, he said, adding that they were under treatment at the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital in Kuantan.

The Seng Hock family, from Taman Mas Ria, Muar, was believed to have been on the way to Melaka in a Naza Ria MPV after having spent three days of the school holidays visiting a family friend in Kuantan when the accident occurred at 7.45am.

The empty trailer lorry was going from Segamat to Kuantan, he said, adding that the slightly injured driver had been detained.

Amran said Seng Hock, his mother-in-law and two of his children died on the spot while Jasinth died during treatment at the Muadzam Shah Hospital due to a severe head injury.

This was the second bad accident in almost a fortnight on Jalan Kuantan-Segamat. On June 7, six people were killed in an accident about 10km away from today's accident spot.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love others as you love God.

 Be Faithful and serve God,

 And you shall be rewarded! Yummmmm good simple food.

It always feels good after being apart of the food feeding programme. It feels good to do good works.

Friday, June 4, 2010

worldcup freeze! Anyone?

Worldcup is coming and there's a flashmob going on soon. Looking for volunteers!!

what is this?
it is a flash mob! calling all flash mobbers, please attend this! it is something that you will not want to miss! dress up in world cup jerseys, paint your face (optional, we provide) and freeze together! We are 1 Malaysians!

Venue: KL (exact location to be confirmed)
Time: 3 pm
p/s it will only take a few minutes!

for more information, please visit:
follow us : @worldcupfreeze
(you might get more juicy details... )

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taylor's student Blog!

Nordic Film Fest + Freedom Film Festival Roadshow @ Taylor's

5th May 2010,

I remembered it was the week where class just resumed after my semester break. A wonderful wednesday with a workshop in the LT12 at Taylor's Lakeside Campus. It was a hectic week as it was also the week where the Nordic Fil Fest was having movie night for 4 days in a row with some really awesome none english language movies.
Unfortunately, I only went for one film called 'Forbidden Fruit'. The best part is that they serve dinner in between two movies! That describes the picture above, after the movie, everyone was just sitting, eating and yacking away...

Alright, shall run back to Freedom Film Fest the workshop/roadshow.


The attendance was pretty impressive, it filled up alot of the place in LT12. If you don't know, LT 12 is the only lecture theater with a lake view. Don't even dream that you lecturers will pick that place for class, too much distraction!

The short talk was given by a speaker from Komsas (Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat). Their are an established NGO working in the field of training, education, and advocacy of human rights issues in Malaysia. Every year, they will usually organize a film proposal competition where participants video can be documentary/docudrama/animation/graphic on Human rights stories. Don't degrade it yet, chosen proposal will be awarded RM6000 to make their video come alive! According to my sources, sorry to inform that this year dateline is close. I am not sure if is extended or not. Check their web:

When I first enter, they already started playing video from the past winners. Honestly, I think the whole talk was more of watching the past winners work! Which wasn't really that bad, some were really really good. One documentary out stand all the other videos titled 'Kayuh' (by Soh Sook Hwa) were amazing. I'm sure for those who went for the talk will still remember 'kayuh basikal pun boleh kena saman...'. I would totally categorize that as the quote of the day! It is stuck in my head until now! 'Kayuh' was a campaign call "JERIT" for the proposal on the embellishment of ISA (Internal Security Act). There were one point of time that Malaysians were so hyped up about abolishing ISA as it seems that ISA was no longer relevant to Malaysia because it was originally created to counter communist.


Omgosh, a total flashback! During my foundation years in Taylor's, I had this one class call Malaysian Media History (MMH) and hot lecturer (it's True!) Miss Natasha taught us for the semester. Many times in class, we discuss on the Media Act/Laws and as well as the things that we can or cannot do. Simply just call it ethics will do. ISA, OSA, defamation and etc were the few hot topics for class. It was just so coincidental (or maybe Miss purposely discuss that topic because it was the latest news during that time). Everyone was so scare to voice out (maybe is just me) because everywhere, everyone is saying, 'don't simply say anything or they will catch you to ISA' or 'you want to be tortured in ISA izzit?' Hahaha, gosh, I am finally applying what I learned in class.Oh, by the way, the documentary was so drama! Police here, police there, bicycle dirampas, and most of the riders are between the age 14-18! So young already be an activist, clap hands for them.

A few other videos where like Food not Bombs, Rumah Roboh and etc. There is even internship spot if anyone is interested. One of the guy from Komsas that tagged along the speaker, Lee was an intern last year and now he is volunteering in Komsas. I've went and talk to the speaker, Miss Maisarah. According to here, Taylor's was their 5th roadshow this year and it is their 7th year organizing this competition.

At the end of the talk, they were selling some relavent CD/DVD like 'Gaduh' (a really good movie on racism in Malaysia), other documentaries and etc.

Alright, I shall get ready for class now. I better not be late for Dr. Vijaya's class.