Friday, May 28, 2010

RM 5 cotton on

Last night, Aisha, Timothy and I hang out in Subang area. It was fun from my view to see six years pen-pal to finally meet each other for the first time! Cis, if only Aisha's reaction was bigger with a more surprise look... She was extremely calm and collected when Timothy supposedly coming out from no where. Well, it is Aisha after all. Not like me, I'm sure I will be 'OMG OMG OMG' and screaming all the way ignoring other shoppers in the mall. The whole outing was more off the relaxing  plus mature conversation without loud noises of laughing and gossiping. It was really nice. A good outing when you are drained from your whole day of classes.

We stopped by cotton on and guess what? Sales! I bought accessories, pearl bracelet (tie in 4s) and diamond stud earring for only Rm5 each! Fullhouse for dinner.


After dinner, we went for snowflakes in SS15 since they never tried it before. Brain freeze like mad women!

Fun night!

Few days back, classmates and I were celebrating Teoh's Birthday at his house in Valencia. One heck of a superb place. Additional bonus, Great FOOD! Yumm...

Tonight, David's birthday party. I am sure he won't be reading this blogpost, so I can say that I bought him an Original Batman T-shirt. Freakish expensive for some superhero shirt that can buy from night market, blame branding.

I haven't started my IPD. May God's grace be with me.

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