Friday, May 7, 2010

Life's too short

I have to learn to be disipline on my assignments! I will always tend to do everything but my assignments. Not Right! I took the teksi from LCS to LS and it cost me RM10. Arghhh, so expensive right. Smart la, forgotten that 1pm got not shuttle bus.

Oh, yesterday was fun. I have been going to Midvalley quite often recently, I like the fact that it is so convenient! KTM reach just outside the mall.

I just came back from a Nordic movie. Forbbiden fruit from Finland, it was just so-so, the one movie that I am really interested have the most censored! Though, the story was kind of true, I mean those things do happen, even sometimes you were originally there to just help a friend. In return, you might be the one getting influence. I thought there will be more to the ending, but it kept me hanging.

Mamak with Jolyn and Colin. Jolyn was hyper all the way. Thanks Colin for sending us poor girls home!

I have been really busy which is kind of  good though the lack of sleep kills. Probably will have an interview next wed, got to prepare my resume. IPD, IDM, ML, pls stop torturing me.

I shall email my lecturer tomorrow morning to check if my list of reading is correct. Not to forget to email another lecturer too, on how she wants me to write on the event, need to know is writing for what mag/paper. Thank God for my IDM result, I was freaking shock.

I finally learned how to use Photoshop and Final cut pro! Thanks to Mr Julian, wahahahaha... I feel so ulu asking so many questions in class cause I really don't know how to use and I want to make full use of the class! Freaking complicated. Next target should be illustrator.

Sorry Miss Jenny, I have been off-focus in your class all the time though you might not notice. My forced wide opened eyes is too stubborn to stay open. 

Stay away from drugs, life's too short to get wasted.

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