Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lappie crash.

Everyday I pray to God that everything will go well. No drama, just a simple life and more money for shopping. Haha, yes heard it right, more money for shopping. I have been good lately, I always think twice before buying because I'm coming to know that money don't grow on trees. I mean, before this I know that phrase too but I couldn't really relate to it because things I wanted were simpler back then. Getting older, getting more expensive. I almost wanted to buy a raspberry lotion from body shop as it was on 70% sale, but I thought hard and let go as I know that I still have other lotions at home begging me to empty their bottle/tube. The only thing I splurge was buying the materials for 'quin's handmade' because I am making those for my friends. (it's in FB, comment if you want any of them).

Oh, by the way, my laptop decided to crash on the night before assignments due. Thank God I am able to hand in on time. I was without a laptop for the past 24 hours. It was lifeless, real mundane. It seemed so weird for not having the laptop on beside me. Nobody to chat with, nothing to watch, can't stalk people (like nicole) on FB, haha, and most inportantly, can't check email! OMG, Thank god I checked email today, or else I didn't know that this week we are serving communion. Though, it gave me time to pre-occupy myself with some making jewellry time. I watch more TV and sleep more (12 hours!), after super long. I have to call dell for the repair on Monday. Ps: My laptop crash for the second time within a year. OMG right, it was sent for repair once in December last year. Thank God it is still within warranty.

Awesome-ness, two birthday parties to attend this week! What should I buy for them? Both males. Shirt would be best I guess.

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