Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am officially...

NO, not 20 yet/married/in a relationship/out of college/working/ -fill in the blanks-.

I am officially...
saying that among all the subjects that I am taking this semester, IDM has been the most beneficial. I just applied my HTML skills that I just learned in this week class to a blog. Fine, I may not have used photoshop and final cut pro for my own purpose yet but I WILL SOON. 3 more weeks of class and I'm completing semester 2!

David's 21st Birthday Party

Best Quote of the night : "Once again, it's my birthday not my wedding" 

 Photo thanks to Shannon Keng

I so totally thought the party was at his house, thank God I checked the invitation card again and found out it is in KEC. I did not dress up at all. 

Happy belated Birthday David!

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