Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am officially...

NO, not 20 yet/married/in a relationship/out of college/working/ -fill in the blanks-.

I am officially...
saying that among all the subjects that I am taking this semester, IDM has been the most beneficial. I just applied my HTML skills that I just learned in this week class to a blog. Fine, I may not have used photoshop and final cut pro for my own purpose yet but I WILL SOON. 3 more weeks of class and I'm completing semester 2!

David's 21st Birthday Party

Best Quote of the night : "Once again, it's my birthday not my wedding" 

 Photo thanks to Shannon Keng

I so totally thought the party was at his house, thank God I checked the invitation card again and found out it is in KEC. I did not dress up at all. 

Happy belated Birthday David!

Friday, May 28, 2010

RM 5 cotton on

Last night, Aisha, Timothy and I hang out in Subang area. It was fun from my view to see six years pen-pal to finally meet each other for the first time! Cis, if only Aisha's reaction was bigger with a more surprise look... She was extremely calm and collected when Timothy supposedly coming out from no where. Well, it is Aisha after all. Not like me, I'm sure I will be 'OMG OMG OMG' and screaming all the way ignoring other shoppers in the mall. The whole outing was more off the relaxing  plus mature conversation without loud noises of laughing and gossiping. It was really nice. A good outing when you are drained from your whole day of classes.

We stopped by cotton on and guess what? Sales! I bought accessories, pearl bracelet (tie in 4s) and diamond stud earring for only Rm5 each! Fullhouse for dinner.


After dinner, we went for snowflakes in SS15 since they never tried it before. Brain freeze like mad women!

Fun night!

Few days back, classmates and I were celebrating Teoh's Birthday at his house in Valencia. One heck of a superb place. Additional bonus, Great FOOD! Yumm...

Tonight, David's birthday party. I am sure he won't be reading this blogpost, so I can say that I bought him an Original Batman T-shirt. Freakish expensive for some superhero shirt that can buy from night market, blame branding.

I haven't started my IPD. May God's grace be with me.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


  • PTPTN Loan accepted.
  • Volleyball practice coming soon.
  • Final cut pro
  • 3 more weeks of class left
Not so awesome...
  • IPD, havent started anything.
  • GS, no idea what in the world will I be doing.
  • Laptop not fully repaired yet.
  • Lost my Microsoft Office 2007 installation CD.
  • No money to buy 1 TB external harddisk.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lappie crash.

Everyday I pray to God that everything will go well. No drama, just a simple life and more money for shopping. Haha, yes heard it right, more money for shopping. I have been good lately, I always think twice before buying because I'm coming to know that money don't grow on trees. I mean, before this I know that phrase too but I couldn't really relate to it because things I wanted were simpler back then. Getting older, getting more expensive. I almost wanted to buy a raspberry lotion from body shop as it was on 70% sale, but I thought hard and let go as I know that I still have other lotions at home begging me to empty their bottle/tube. The only thing I splurge was buying the materials for 'quin's handmade' because I am making those for my friends. (it's in FB, comment if you want any of them).

Oh, by the way, my laptop decided to crash on the night before assignments due. Thank God I am able to hand in on time. I was without a laptop for the past 24 hours. It was lifeless, real mundane. It seemed so weird for not having the laptop on beside me. Nobody to chat with, nothing to watch, can't stalk people (like nicole) on FB, haha, and most inportantly, can't check email! OMG, Thank god I checked email today, or else I didn't know that this week we are serving communion. Though, it gave me time to pre-occupy myself with some making jewellry time. I watch more TV and sleep more (12 hours!), after super long. I have to call dell for the repair on Monday. Ps: My laptop crash for the second time within a year. OMG right, it was sent for repair once in December last year. Thank God it is still within warranty.

Awesome-ness, two birthday parties to attend this week! What should I buy for them? Both males. Shirt would be best I guess.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Life's too short

I have to learn to be disipline on my assignments! I will always tend to do everything but my assignments. Not Right! I took the teksi from LCS to LS and it cost me RM10. Arghhh, so expensive right. Smart la, forgotten that 1pm got not shuttle bus.

Oh, yesterday was fun. I have been going to Midvalley quite often recently, I like the fact that it is so convenient! KTM reach just outside the mall.

I just came back from a Nordic movie. Forbbiden fruit from Finland, it was just so-so, the one movie that I am really interested have the most censored! Though, the story was kind of true, I mean those things do happen, even sometimes you were originally there to just help a friend. In return, you might be the one getting influence. I thought there will be more to the ending, but it kept me hanging.

Mamak with Jolyn and Colin. Jolyn was hyper all the way. Thanks Colin for sending us poor girls home!

I have been really busy which is kind of  good though the lack of sleep kills. Probably will have an interview next wed, got to prepare my resume. IPD, IDM, ML, pls stop torturing me.

I shall email my lecturer tomorrow morning to check if my list of reading is correct. Not to forget to email another lecturer too, on how she wants me to write on the event, need to know is writing for what mag/paper. Thank God for my IDM result, I was freaking shock.

I finally learned how to use Photoshop and Final cut pro! Thanks to Mr Julian, wahahahaha... I feel so ulu asking so many questions in class cause I really don't know how to use and I want to make full use of the class! Freaking complicated. Next target should be illustrator.

Sorry Miss Jenny, I have been off-focus in your class all the time though you might not notice. My forced wide opened eyes is too stubborn to stay open. 

Stay away from drugs, life's too short to get wasted.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Guess what is this!

Is a Shit ass PHONE! Only white left. What the hell, I'm getting one. By the way, did I say it is touch screen, MP3/mp4, bluetooth and camera?? He he he he.....