Tuesday, April 27, 2010

why is it so hard?

I need to stop my obsession. It is bad bad BAD! Only during the entertainment by Gossip Girl could take my mind off things. I catched season two first then season three and jump back to season one. Though, GG is not my main obsession, they are my asprin for my headaches.

Oh dear, I guess Taylor Momsen was caught smoking. Bad role model? Then why the other crew from GG are not judged? Is it just because she is younger than everyone else on set? Double standard much. BTW, what kind of role model do you expect from the cast of GG? Isn't the shows bad enough even though I like it so much due to the twisted mind of the directors? Deal with it people!

Michelle is killing me with those awesomely beautiful clothing catalogs. I can't wait to get my hands on them! I have to pledge to not buying anymore other clothes after buying those. Lau Wey Chin, come back..........

I am hungry, craving for pasta noodle with no sauce but a pinch of salt.

PTPTN is not cooperating, is either the internet is slow, my laptop or the system. I tried to 'simpan' my 'kelayakan' so many times but it is not working! Forget about it, I will do it tomorrow. I need to get some letter from college, probably I should drop by tomorrow to sign up for some clubs and go to the divisional office.

Tired, off to bed now little miss jq. Nites world.

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