Monday, April 19, 2010


Alright, I am damn pissed with the person-in-charge on the Kelly Clarkson's concert Usherrer. They replied my email and stated that I was shortlisted. I was so freaking happy and jot it down on my calender for all the days that I will be working with them. Thinking that after that I can earn enough money to buy a CSL hp or something. I replied immediately and hoping that I probably would get some reply giving me on some details on the places so on. One day pass.... Two days pass.. A freaking week pass..... NOTHING.... no reply. The contract agreement date also pass... no reply... Seriously stupid crap wasted all my energy and time to be so excited for it bacause it will somehow solve my hp problem as well as getting to go for KC concert. I have to get over this stupid incident. Malang like mad. I would rather they did not even reply my email. Leave me hanging, wasted all my time.

Ever since I am done with my GS assignment on friday, I spent the next 2 days enjoying life without worries! That friday itself, a group of us catched a movie together. Saturday, I went for worship practice, prayer meeting, then hang with Aisha to Monash for their sport carnival. It was totally worth going, surprisingly, we were just on time for Bus Company gig. Aisha and I was amazingly impressed that they are freaking good! I never knew how awesome they were until I heard them live that day. We were so proud of them! Sunday, church, lunch with family, goosehunting for mom's present, movie and dinner. Today, breakfast later, then have to think about assignment that is due tomorrow! God may mercy fall on me as I read those vexing readings. I have to start working on my online work. I am overdue!

Shall read Kimora's Book that I borrowed from the library the other day. I love how successful she is now! Much inspiration can be obtain from her.

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