Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One big happy family in Lakeside.

What do you do when you are banned from buying cosmetics??? BUY PERFUMES! New found obsessions, Yes, Porfumi in Italian.

I wanna try Paris Hilton's & Britney Spears. Not so soon, xiao freaking expensive. I shall settle with drug store perfumes, I will go around smelling everything! Hahaaha.

I better do my assignment today cause it is due this friday. Shiock giler when we found out IPD due extended, it seems it is the TBS student request and out lecturer say they want to do a good job. I am like 'what the heck, like we communication don't want to do a good job?' It was forever this way, we never ask for extension because dateline is there for a reason and TBS ask, wah, sure get. Hahaha, come to think about it, I think is us. We are like so freaking laid back, we stress too to complete assignments but everyday we all like HE HE HA HA mad man and woman lepaking around campuses. Wait la, once our foot step into lakeside, we will SHAKE the place! Library is going to be Filled with NOISES! Sure Business students and Communication students fight wan. Then, Engineering and Medic (includes biotech,biomed,pharmacy) students can't focus and have to find other study spot. Computing student prefers the computer lab, design and architecture stays in their design room, TCHT got their own special place. I cannot tahan laughing like mad woman. This so cute, everyone is coming together like one big happy family! Oh I forgot Law! They shall be the judiciary board between the fights. Pre-U and ADTP are our cousins on the other campus, they have their own agenda. Yeah man, we are like all long lost brother and sisters. Did I missed out any schools?

This post is so cha-pa-lang! I think the family thing makes me to can't wait to study in Lakeside.

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