Thursday, April 1, 2010

Expert Forum 2010 @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Last month, my classmates and I were invited to attend the first series of the Expert Forum for 2010 in the New Lakeside Campus. To my surprise, the Expert forum was actually established about 2 years ago by the SOC's dynamic academic staff. Honestly, I have never heard about it until that day. According to them, the aim of organizing Expert forums is to provide a foundation for students to understand, learn and have an insight from well respected industry experts. I have to say, it is pretty cool for Taylor's to be able to invite speakers from the industry whom will give us a little idea or two of how the outside world works. It will actually somehow prepare us mentally for the working world.

The talk was on 'Using Internet for multimedia products' and the speaker, Mr Paul Southern, Director of Microsoft had came all the way from Singapore to Petaling Jaya. We all know Microsoft is one of the leading multinational computer technologies companies in the world! Who will not know what is Microsoft! As a communication student, if you don't know what is Microsoft, the lecturers will kick you out of the hall immediately! haha!

Our emcee of the day, Miss Thaera! One of our favourite lectures! She is awesome, she's from the industry as well. I am actually really happy that most of our lecturers are from the industry which makes them more realiable while attending their classes. At least we know that they know what they are talking about. There where many other lecturers there as well and of course, SOC's Dean, Miss Josephine and Chairperson of the Expert Forum Committee, Miss Usha attended the forum.

It is basically a one hour talk from 4pm to 5pm, most of my classmates took the free shuttle bus provided by Taylor's. It is an ongoing transport service for Taylor's students, staffs and even customes too. Some of my friend drove which by the way, they just opened up approximately 500 more parking space! I know even that, it is still a cramp (trust me, I just went there 2 days ago) but I believe they will try to open more in the future.

Yes, this is THE MAN! Mr Paul Southern giving the talk on various things that really opened the students mind. He showed us the latest gadgets and technologies that are already on the market (but very costly) and there are quite a few users out there using these magnificent toy that are so useful for the mankind in the universe! I was so fascinated by the videos he showed us during the talk, it was demo of how the latest technologies works and operates.

Seriously, you can hear the 'uh' and the 'ah' coming from the audiences. Our mind was like 'when are we going to get our hands on those cool gadgets!??' Talk on interactive media was the best because it is in demand right now. The audiences like to be engaged rather than just receiving information all the time. All those times of Hypodermic Needle theory, Magic bullet or media bullet theory is the past! It is two way communication now!

Though it was a full tiring day for me, I have to say that it was quite worth while attending the forum. It's only once in a blue moon we have all these experts coming in and give a talk. I really appreciate them spending time for students like us. Above picture we have Miss Josephine giving token of appreciation to our guest speaker.

The two students took the initiative to have a private Q&A session with the speaker while everyone else is rushing out to beat the heaving traffic on the highway.

Upcoming forums will be held this month, April. There will be E- flyers and news bulletin around campus for more details!

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Wow. great thanks for the plug. Happy to speak to y'all and happy to extend the dialog. /