Monday, April 26, 2010

Bible blitz + Netball

Blogger in draft is driving me crazy, I was having a hard time trying to put up pictures. Thank God for Flock's web clipboard function or I'll probably grow old while waiting for blogger to upload my pictures.

Wednesday :
Bible biltz

The bunch of Klang-ians (leeyee, jolyn, colin& lyon), except Joash, met up in the train headed for YMCA to help up the Gedions for a Bible Blitz. Each of us were assigned to a Gedion whom are non-malaysian. I was teamed up with a south african guy (Andre) and other two malaysian gedions. It was fun overall, great new experience!

After, we went over to midvalley for Jolyn's Birthday celebration! The klang girl who hates Bah Kut Teh!

Happy Belated Girl! hearts!

Thursday and Friday were assignment day. Also, poor Kaven Kan was injured. I visited her just to see how she was doing.

Saturday :
Got a call from Cecilia the night before to play netball in the morning and I am all 'YEAH!'. I freaking needed to work my heart pumping more blood faster into my arteries. I was so low in stamina that I couldn't even run 10 rounds of a tennis court without stopping, it's that bad.

Added points, we were using Lakeside's court!

Teammates! They are some awesome people. Sports is a good way to meet new friends.

Too much fun, forgot to cool down and the next day my muscles are killing me. I can't bend, sit or walk properly. I almost couldn't wake up for worship back up this morning. Everything is 10 times slower just because I'm in pain! hahaha. I've forgotten how much fun it is to play sports, I feel less guilty in chunking fattening food down my throat.

Stop thinking about work, I shall serve God faithfully and everything will fall in place.

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