Friday, April 30, 2010

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Blessings and Curses

I was sent this through email. I don't really open mails that were sent by but I don't know why this time I did and it is very encouraging.

All of us have our share of suffering and Christians are not exempted from them. We don’t welcome it but we seldom have much control.
Father Henri Nouwen says:
“It is an on going temptation to think of our lives as living under a curse
. The loss of a friend, an illness, an accident, a natural disaster, a war, or any failure can make us quickly think that we are no good and are being punished. This temptation to think of our lives as full of curses is even greater when all the media present us day after day with stories about human misery.
Jesus came to bless us, not to curse us. But we must choose to receive that blessing and hand it on to others. Blessings and curses are always placed in front of us. We are to choose. God says,Choose the blessings!’” (Bread for the Journey, Sept 8)

“To bless means to say good things
. We have to bless one another constantly. Parents need to bless their children, children their parents, husbands their wives, wives their husbands, friends their friends. In our society, so full of curses, we must fill each place we enter with our blessings. We forget so quickly that we are God’s beloved children and allow the many curses of our world to darken our hearts. Therefore, we have to be reminded of our belovedness and remind others of theirs. Whether the blessing is given in words or with gestures, in a solemn or an informal way, our lives need to be blessed lives.” (Bread for the Journey, Sept 7)
We bless ourselves:
· when we give thanks with a grateful heart.
· when we listen to the quiet, inner voice that says good things about ourselves.
· when we affirm ourselves and know that we have given the best of ourselves in whatever we have worked on.
· when we shut out the loud, busy outer voice that says we are being punished.

We bless others:
· when we speak good things about them and to them.
· when we show by our gestures that their presence is a joy to us.
· when we reveal to them their gifts, their goodness and their talents. 1. Our reactions immediately after an unpleasant event happens
When we lose our job, when we have an abusive boss, when a car accident happens, when we are robbed, when we are seriously ill, when we have cancer, the immediate question “Why?” emerges. “Why me?” “Why now?” “Why here?” “What have I done wrong?” “Why am I being punished?” It is so difficult to live without an answer to this “Why?” But, if we are too focused and obsessed with finding the answers to these questions of the causes of these events, we are more likely to end up being angry and bitter. Bitterness will turn us away from God and thus we curse ourselves.

In order to help me see my suffering and pain in a new light, I have to change my focus. Now that the unpleasant event has happened, what should my response be? By concentrating on my response, I am more likely to end up turning to God, trusting Him and blessing myself. How is this done? Mother Teresa advised, “Just accept whatever He gives and give whatever He takes with a big smile.” (The Wisdom of Mother Teresa, 42) Who can do that? I can’t do it. It is impossible for me to accept with a smile this suffering and adversity. Whenever I say anything is impossible, I have inadvertently put a curse on myself! I have shut out all possibilities. But I may be able to accept it with a smile, if I truly believe that “God loves me” (John 15:9 TEV) and that “I am precious to Him” (Isaiah 43:4 TEV). How? This requires a change in mindset and heart-set because if I am precious to God, then it stands to reason that He cares for me and knows my suffering and hardships and that He has permitted, allowed, sent or given them to me. Furthermore, I will surely be able to smile if I turn to God and wholeheartedly believe that with God’s help all things are possible as, “This is impossible with human beings, but for God everything is possible” (Matthew 19:26 TEV). When I embrace this truth, I bless myself. Therefore, I must trust that God has allowed the suffering to be a means of discipline through which faith, love, patience and grace may be cultivated in my life. God will not allow my suffering and pain to be wasted and to be of no value to me. God will see me through my suffering and will carry me through it all but I have to keep reminding myself that, ”I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.” (Philippians 4:13 TEV) And “God has given us a spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7 TEV). This belief, this constant repetition will help me to face my suffering and hardships in a new perspective. What I need to do is to turn to God, do my best under the circumstances and trust Him to turn it round for my good. God promises to take “all things” including suffering, abuses, evil things, and turn them round for good as “in all things God works for good with those who love Him”(Romans 8:28 TEV).

But what is for our good? This is for the individual to pray and with God’s help to discover. He needs to constantly search for himself answers to the questions: “What is the seed of equivalent good in my suffering?” “What is the seed of equivalent benefit in my adversity?” Some good traits which we may develop can be more patience, more consideration, less arrogance and less resentment.

Remember, all God requires of us is to come to Him in prayer and trust Him completely. Trust Him to turn our lives around. He will not fail us because we can trust God “who always keeps His promise.” (1 Peter 4:19 TEV) We do our part and give of our best and He will do His part. When we turn to God, God will work WITH us to turn the suffering and pain round for our good. The circumstances, the pain, the suffering, the hardship or the adversity may still be there and may not change much BUT our response and internal attitude towards them will certainly change. Yes, we can take God at His Word that He will help us, comfort us, strengthen us and support us through our pain and suffering. Then, suffering can become a turning point from which we take our greatest leap forward in our faith in God. When we trust God, God gives us the hope and courage to look suffering in the face and to go through it confidently with a renewed spirit and heart. Our suffering will, hopefully, turn us round to come in closer touch with the presence of God in our lives. The great secret in life is that suffering can become a source of new hope and new life. We will then learn to accept it with a smile. This is indeed a blessing.

2. Our memory of events long after they happened

How we recount these unpleasant experiences is also vitally important. When we constantly recount them:
· with blaming God,
· with blaming others,
· with cursing our fate,
· with anger,
· with fear,
· with regret,
· with the feeling of being victimised,
then we put these events under the curse.
When we feel we are being punished, the feeling of being cursed comes easily. We will hear an inner voice calling us “bad,” “rotten,” “worthless,” “useless,” “doomed to sickness and death.” We darken our hearts and live our lives with bitterness and resentment. So, we unconsciously curse ourselves.

But blessing is nothing more than recounting positively these events:
· with what God has helped us to endure or overcome,
· with what patience our family and friends have stood by us,
· with what we have learnt out of the events, and
· with hope, courage and love.
Then we put these experiences under the blessing and we consciously bless ourselves.

Henri Nouwen says, “
In Latin, to bless is benedicere. The word ‘benediction’ that is used in many churches means literally: speaking (dictio) well (bene) or saying good things of someone. That speaks to me. I need to hear good things said of me, and I know how much you have the same need. Nowadays, we often say: ‘We have to affirm each other.’ Without affirmations, it is hard to live well. To give someone a blessing is the most significant affirmation we can offer. It is more than a word of praise or appreciation; it is more than pointing out someone’s talents or good deeds; it is more than putting someone in the light. To give a blessing is to affirm, to say ‘yes’ to a person’s Belovedness. And more than that: to give a blessing creates the reality of which it speaks. There is a lot of mutual admiration in this world, just as there is a lot of mutual condemnation. A blessing goes beyond the distinction between admiration or condemnation, between virtues or vices, between good deeds or evil deeds. A blessing touches the original goodness of the other and calls forth his or her Belovedness.” (Life of the Beloved, 56)

Physical, mental or emotional pain lived under the blessing is experienced in ways radically different from physical, mental or emotional pain lived under the curse. Even a small burden, perceived as a sign of our worthlessness, can lead us to deep depression. But, great and heavy burdens become light and easy when they are lived in the light of the blessing. What seems intolerable becomes a challenge. What seems a reason for despair becomes a source of hope. What seems punishment becomes a gentle pruning from God. What seems rejection becomes a way to a deeper communion with God. And so the great task becomes that of allowing the blessing to touch us in our brokenness. Then our brokenness will gradually come to be seen as an opening towards the full acceptance of ourselves as the Beloved children of God. This explains why true joy can be experienced in the midst of great suffering. It is the joy of being disciplined, purified and pruned. Just as athletes who experience great pain as they run the race can, at the same time, taste the joy of knowing that they are coming closer to their goal, so also can the Beloved experience suffering as a way to deeper communion with God. Here joy and sorrow are no longer each other’s opposites, but have become the two sides of the same desire to grow to the fullness of the Beloved. For this blessed attitude to take root, we have to have deep faith that God loves us unconditionally and that we are the beloved children of God, very precious to Him.

God sent Jesus to bless us
, “God. . . sent Him to bless you” (Acts 3:26 NJB) and Jesus himself has blessed us with every spiritual blessing, “our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all the spiritual blessings” (Ephesians 1:3 NJB). Jesus shows us by His Words and Deeds how to live a blessed life, “Blessed are those who do His commandments” (Revelation 22:14 NKJV). Jesus creates a whole new blessed environment for us to dwell in and, ”how happy are those who hear the word of God and obey it!"(Luke 11:28 TEV) We have to choose to stay in that place with Him and to hand His blessings on to others to make our blessings grow and multiply.

Remember, no one is brought to life through curses, blaming, gossips, accusations and punishment. But every one is brought to life through blessings, encouragement, affirmations, praises, rewards and forgiveness.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say a little prayer.

I stopped breathing, for my heart needs to stop for while to wipe its tears off while reading this post by suling in Aussie now. She rarely update her blog but if there is any, it will be meaningful. So the true story goes:

I get on the bus on a public holiday, which explains why I'm the only other person on it. I pick a seat facing the rear, which I almost never do because not all buses have seats facing the rear, so it really was a special bus that day. It's nice and quiet. I close my eyes, letting myself drift either into sleep or into silent communication with God.

A few stops after mine, a little boy bounces into the bus, followed by his mother - a punkish, too-young-to-be-a-mom 19ish-year-old. The little boy goes all the way to the back, while his mother picks a seat just in front of him, barely turning to see if he's comfortable or if he needs anything.

Little boy busies himself with his toy car and talking gibberish to himself. Sometimes he catches my eye, and I smile at him. He then proceeds to examine me with curiosity, and goes back to his toy car.

After a while, his cherubic little face starts to bore me and I retreat back into my mind.

Suddenly he goes: "Mommy, why does daddy live so far away?"

Mom doesn't reply, or she says something I can't quite remember to dodge the question. She barely turns to answer him. He doesn't look too convinced but lets it rest anyway.

A couple of minutes later, the little boy goes: "Mommy, can daddy come and live with us?"

Again, mom skirts around the question, mumbling something to appease him. He goes: "HUH? WHAT?" This time, mom replies, louder, irritated, angsty.

My curiosity is piqued. I tune my eyes and ears, all the while feeling my heart beating faster. I'm kepoh like that.

Things are quiet for a while. Little boy busies himself with his car, and I think i hear mom sniffle. Out of the corner of my eye I see her wiping her cheeks. Tears weren't visible from where I was sitting, but who knows.

Then little boy goes: "Mommy can I buy that shirt for daddy?" (or something along those lines)

"No, you've got to ask him yourself. I've got no money."

You could see the dejection in little boy's eyes as he turned to look out the window.

I say a silent prayer for him, asking God to protect him and love him. It was odd, I was just thinking to myself how gangster-ish he looked. Not that he was mischievous mind you, he was really a sweet little thing. But I saw that hint of a rebellious, angry streak in his angelic little face, and I couldn't help picturing what would become of him in 15 years' time.

Anyway, a couple of minutes later, little boy goes: "But mommy, I want daddy to come live with us! I want daddy to live with us!"

He is ignored by mom as she continues staring out the window. He repeats his request, this time louder, almost pleading.

Mom retorts suddenly: "He can't, ok?"



Little boy sprawls himself out over the bus seats. After a while mom goes: "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to sleep," and he bangs his feet against the bus windows.

I continued praying silently for mom and boy as I got off the bus. I can't quite get this episode out of my mind still. Children not only feel love, but also a LACK of which, and it's so sad that at such a young age, little boy has to live in an environment where his parents are absorbed in their own problems and barely bother to even talk to him. I can only pray this will not affect his future. Imagine growing up feeling completely alone, not really understanding what's going on between your parents, and largely left to fend for yourself. Love is such a powerful, essential feeling, it's life-ruining to live without it!

Sad as it may seem, little boy is but a statistic. His story is an incredibly worrying trend as more and more young people engage in pre-marital sex without considering the consequences. And when they inadvertently create babies, whom they think add to their problems, they can't find the ability or capacity to love. And the young ones grow up with a chip on their shoulder, appearing strong and stoic on the outside but really a wreck on the inside, not really knowing what love is and navigating life with hatred and anger.

It is so heartbreaking. I pray they find Jesus! Especially my little boy on the bus. He deserves so much better. sigh.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Did you realize that there were one period of time were Tagging on Blog were so IN? I am sure there are some other parts of the world that tagging is still going on but I am sure that it seems like it had fizzled around my friends. It's not that I hate passing tags, it is just that I am too lazy to get to it.

Falling back in love with my Pink LG Wine. My blog post are all getting bimbo-ish. Short and self-centred! hahahahaha. Who cares! Wooohoooo

why is it so hard?

I need to stop my obsession. It is bad bad BAD! Only during the entertainment by Gossip Girl could take my mind off things. I catched season two first then season three and jump back to season one. Though, GG is not my main obsession, they are my asprin for my headaches.

Oh dear, I guess Taylor Momsen was caught smoking. Bad role model? Then why the other crew from GG are not judged? Is it just because she is younger than everyone else on set? Double standard much. BTW, what kind of role model do you expect from the cast of GG? Isn't the shows bad enough even though I like it so much due to the twisted mind of the directors? Deal with it people!

Michelle is killing me with those awesomely beautiful clothing catalogs. I can't wait to get my hands on them! I have to pledge to not buying anymore other clothes after buying those. Lau Wey Chin, come back..........

I am hungry, craving for pasta noodle with no sauce but a pinch of salt.

PTPTN is not cooperating, is either the internet is slow, my laptop or the system. I tried to 'simpan' my 'kelayakan' so many times but it is not working! Forget about it, I will do it tomorrow. I need to get some letter from college, probably I should drop by tomorrow to sign up for some clubs and go to the divisional office.

Tired, off to bed now little miss jq. Nites world.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bible blitz + Netball

Blogger in draft is driving me crazy, I was having a hard time trying to put up pictures. Thank God for Flock's web clipboard function or I'll probably grow old while waiting for blogger to upload my pictures.

Wednesday :
Bible biltz

The bunch of Klang-ians (leeyee, jolyn, colin& lyon), except Joash, met up in the train headed for YMCA to help up the Gedions for a Bible Blitz. Each of us were assigned to a Gedion whom are non-malaysian. I was teamed up with a south african guy (Andre) and other two malaysian gedions. It was fun overall, great new experience!

After, we went over to midvalley for Jolyn's Birthday celebration! The klang girl who hates Bah Kut Teh!

Happy Belated Girl! hearts!

Thursday and Friday were assignment day. Also, poor Kaven Kan was injured. I visited her just to see how she was doing.

Saturday :
Got a call from Cecilia the night before to play netball in the morning and I am all 'YEAH!'. I freaking needed to work my heart pumping more blood faster into my arteries. I was so low in stamina that I couldn't even run 10 rounds of a tennis court without stopping, it's that bad.

Added points, we were using Lakeside's court!

Teammates! They are some awesome people. Sports is a good way to meet new friends.

Too much fun, forgot to cool down and the next day my muscles are killing me. I can't bend, sit or walk properly. I almost couldn't wake up for worship back up this morning. Everything is 10 times slower just because I'm in pain! hahaha. I've forgotten how much fun it is to play sports, I feel less guilty in chunking fattening food down my throat.

Stop thinking about work, I shall serve God faithfully and everything will fall in place.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Woody Wood Pecker!!!!

Shout with me, BALI BALI BALI! I need an escape..... with one of these shiok different sial kind of earrings! Tell me, where can you get them here under RM10+ free postage within malaysia???

Different to the Max! RM8 
- Exotic

Call me BOHEMIAN! RM 8 
- Escapade

My star shells, I shall rock the beach! RM7
- Estrella

Carved to perfection. RM7

Once last trip to Bali......

Seenamon- Bali collection.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Alright, I am damn pissed with the person-in-charge on the Kelly Clarkson's concert Usherrer. They replied my email and stated that I was shortlisted. I was so freaking happy and jot it down on my calender for all the days that I will be working with them. Thinking that after that I can earn enough money to buy a CSL hp or something. I replied immediately and hoping that I probably would get some reply giving me on some details on the places so on. One day pass.... Two days pass.. A freaking week pass..... NOTHING.... no reply. The contract agreement date also pass... no reply... Seriously stupid crap wasted all my energy and time to be so excited for it bacause it will somehow solve my hp problem as well as getting to go for KC concert. I have to get over this stupid incident. Malang like mad. I would rather they did not even reply my email. Leave me hanging, wasted all my time.

Ever since I am done with my GS assignment on friday, I spent the next 2 days enjoying life without worries! That friday itself, a group of us catched a movie together. Saturday, I went for worship practice, prayer meeting, then hang with Aisha to Monash for their sport carnival. It was totally worth going, surprisingly, we were just on time for Bus Company gig. Aisha and I was amazingly impressed that they are freaking good! I never knew how awesome they were until I heard them live that day. We were so proud of them! Sunday, church, lunch with family, goosehunting for mom's present, movie and dinner. Today, breakfast later, then have to think about assignment that is due tomorrow! God may mercy fall on me as I read those vexing readings. I have to start working on my online work. I am overdue!

Shall read Kimora's Book that I borrowed from the library the other day. I love how successful she is now! Much inspiration can be obtain from her.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One big happy family in Lakeside.

What do you do when you are banned from buying cosmetics??? BUY PERFUMES! New found obsessions, Yes, Porfumi in Italian.

I wanna try Paris Hilton's & Britney Spears. Not so soon, xiao freaking expensive. I shall settle with drug store perfumes, I will go around smelling everything! Hahaaha.

I better do my assignment today cause it is due this friday. Shiock giler when we found out IPD due extended, it seems it is the TBS student request and out lecturer say they want to do a good job. I am like 'what the heck, like we communication don't want to do a good job?' It was forever this way, we never ask for extension because dateline is there for a reason and TBS ask, wah, sure get. Hahaha, come to think about it, I think is us. We are like so freaking laid back, we stress too to complete assignments but everyday we all like HE HE HA HA mad man and woman lepaking around campuses. Wait la, once our foot step into lakeside, we will SHAKE the place! Library is going to be Filled with NOISES! Sure Business students and Communication students fight wan. Then, Engineering and Medic (includes biotech,biomed,pharmacy) students can't focus and have to find other study spot. Computing student prefers the computer lab, design and architecture stays in their design room, TCHT got their own special place. I cannot tahan laughing like mad woman. This so cute, everyone is coming together like one big happy family! Oh I forgot Law! They shall be the judiciary board between the fights. Pre-U and ADTP are our cousins on the other campus, they have their own agenda. Yeah man, we are like all long lost brother and sisters. Did I missed out any schools?

This post is so cha-pa-lang! I think the family thing makes me to can't wait to study in Lakeside.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Know U WANT ME, TGC!!! by miss petite and seenamon

All Under RM10 + Free Postage!!!


Gossip Girl Inspired Necklace!
If you don't know, she is in season two GG series. A teacher that hooked up with one of her student, Dan Humfrey. Mary Kay Letourneau alert!

I repeat ALL UNDER RM 10 + Free Postage!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Bag Sale + Cutathon



(Items are not for sale)

Thinned and trimmed my hair for RM10 in pyramid by cut above academy for a charity. 
Free treatment from my mom's salon, paid for special oil for hair rm15, paid for temporary tight curl rm10. 

Call me stingy! I pampered myself today.
God almighty.

A cut above haircur @RM10 (cutathon)

A Cut Above Academy 2010
I think I should go trim my hair and this came around! My mom said my hair is getting too messy and big. Hahaha. The charity here is the National Kidney Foundation, I think I shall do a good deed and play a part in saving people's life! RM10 per hair cut only!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bag Sale in Centro.

Anyone interested in coming with me?? I would like to go join the fun! Let's see how cheap is cheap.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Another blog to handle, blogspot fanatic much. Haha. It's not all about me, it's for a class assignment. No, it's not fun to make something that I love so dearly into a stressful activity. Blogging for assignments is not nice at all, there's super lots of readings to do before being able to write a post. Oh, plus referencing! It is basically my essay on the internet. I like everything about blogger in draft except the uploading of the picture part, mafan giler.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Expert Forum 2010 @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Last month, my classmates and I were invited to attend the first series of the Expert Forum for 2010 in the New Lakeside Campus. To my surprise, the Expert forum was actually established about 2 years ago by the SOC's dynamic academic staff. Honestly, I have never heard about it until that day. According to them, the aim of organizing Expert forums is to provide a foundation for students to understand, learn and have an insight from well respected industry experts. I have to say, it is pretty cool for Taylor's to be able to invite speakers from the industry whom will give us a little idea or two of how the outside world works. It will actually somehow prepare us mentally for the working world.

The talk was on 'Using Internet for multimedia products' and the speaker, Mr Paul Southern, Director of Microsoft had came all the way from Singapore to Petaling Jaya. We all know Microsoft is one of the leading multinational computer technologies companies in the world! Who will not know what is Microsoft! As a communication student, if you don't know what is Microsoft, the lecturers will kick you out of the hall immediately! haha!

Our emcee of the day, Miss Thaera! One of our favourite lectures! She is awesome, she's from the industry as well. I am actually really happy that most of our lecturers are from the industry which makes them more realiable while attending their classes. At least we know that they know what they are talking about. There where many other lecturers there as well and of course, SOC's Dean, Miss Josephine and Chairperson of the Expert Forum Committee, Miss Usha attended the forum.

It is basically a one hour talk from 4pm to 5pm, most of my classmates took the free shuttle bus provided by Taylor's. It is an ongoing transport service for Taylor's students, staffs and even customes too. Some of my friend drove which by the way, they just opened up approximately 500 more parking space! I know even that, it is still a cramp (trust me, I just went there 2 days ago) but I believe they will try to open more in the future.

Yes, this is THE MAN! Mr Paul Southern giving the talk on various things that really opened the students mind. He showed us the latest gadgets and technologies that are already on the market (but very costly) and there are quite a few users out there using these magnificent toy that are so useful for the mankind in the universe! I was so fascinated by the videos he showed us during the talk, it was demo of how the latest technologies works and operates.

Seriously, you can hear the 'uh' and the 'ah' coming from the audiences. Our mind was like 'when are we going to get our hands on those cool gadgets!??' Talk on interactive media was the best because it is in demand right now. The audiences like to be engaged rather than just receiving information all the time. All those times of Hypodermic Needle theory, Magic bullet or media bullet theory is the past! It is two way communication now!

Though it was a full tiring day for me, I have to say that it was quite worth while attending the forum. It's only once in a blue moon we have all these experts coming in and give a talk. I really appreciate them spending time for students like us. Above picture we have Miss Josephine giving token of appreciation to our guest speaker.

The two students took the initiative to have a private Q&A session with the speaker while everyone else is rushing out to beat the heaving traffic on the highway.

Upcoming forums will be held this month, April. There will be E- flyers and news bulletin around campus for more details!