Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The real april post. It's april fools day!

I wanted to blog about something but it looks like it's not going to happen because the Internet is so slow to the extent of not allowing me to upload pictures on blog. April is coming in like 2 minutes time, I'm really looking forward to April for some reason that actually everyone doesn't know. I encountered someone about two months back and the rest of the conversation shall stay covert. I really can't wait to see how the month of April will go for me, hopefully I am not expecting too much which might lead to disappointment.

It is just really funny how everytime I think about 'lucky-ness'. I was just talking to my mom about how lucky my brother is on his really awesome part-time job with freakishly loaded with benefits. I am similar to my mom in various ways and I will have to admit that this is one of them. She was telling me that she is not the lucky person where basically not the kind of person whom has the touch of winning things or in 4D. I was like 'Damn I can really relate to that' because for the past year or two, I have been really pondering on the whole 'luck' thing. I don't consider myself as a lucky person and I don't do luck. It's not that I don't want to, seriously, luck was just never on my side. No matter how much faith I have that I am going to be lucky on something, it just never turn out right. I really just don't get lucky, it is either blessings or hard work, even that I will have to say it is 60% hard work to get something. So basically, my life theory is easy 'don't work hard, you won't get anything' is that simple. I have to say sometimes even with hard work, I still don't get it. I know, it is really sad, what a depressing ideology. I shall just live life in moderate.

I have really been observing myself for the past year or two for me to actually come up with that thought. There is a lot of initiation and energy needed for the things that I do. Everyday I pray for some good miracle will happen because it sucks for me to go home and sit in my room thinking that 'today is just an ordinary day' when I am reviewing on 'how did my day go' segment. Even with my activities and all, it is getting really routine. It could probably due to classes that make my life so scheduled every week because I can't run away from them.

I have been really busy with assignments lately. This semester requires us to update our assignments on a weekly basis. My plan on getting organize is not coming true apparently, haha, I mean, I really don't know, I've tried but it always goes everywhere. So, I guess to have a little OCD is not all bad because or else you will be like me. I have no OCD or what-so-ever, thus, I don't really care if whether I am using the same pen for my planner or whether my clothes will have to be properly placed or whether anything will have to be in alphabetical order. I chuck things everywhere and my planner is a mess!

Just saw the announcement on moving to lakeside, 3rd May will be the degree students big day. We are practically the last of the last to move in. I DON'T WANT!!!!!!!!! I am getting hungry writing this. I'm going downstairs for some food hunting.

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