Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project 10 pan for a CSL phone

I'm writing this post at 8.43am on a Saturday where Taylor's is having an Open day in Lakeside. Yes, I will be there working. It is so delightful but at the same time feeling guilty everytime I hear myself procrastinating on my assignments. This week is seriously my worst week ever in college because I totally didn't read any of the readings before tutorials and totally did not update any of my assignments. I feel crappy because now, I can't join the Connect-ed BBQ tonight just to complete my freakishly hard GS assignment and I have to ensure that I start updating my academic blog on UNISA. I had to re-do my IDM mind map because it is in bad condition, like people can read dust particles better because they are more organized than my huge fuggly mind map. Tension.

So what is project 10 pan?? Go google, I'm too lazy to explain. Haha, joking. Basically I am banned from buying any cosmetics until I finish using 10 of my products. I would probably hate myself for doing this but it is for the best or I can't save enough money to get a new phone. My twist is that instead of using up 10 of my cosmetic (which I know it will take forever and I'll basically die if there is a warehouse sale coming up) what I will do is to not buy certain products (lipstick, gloss, shadows, powder, makeup base, blush and brushes... ok fine, I will throw in mascara as well. Will totally regret this!) until I save enough cash for my CSL Blueberry. DON't LAUGH! I am aware that it is a Malaysian product, just think that it is good for me to try to believe in Malaysian products. If everyone is reluctant to try them, how is their company going to grow? Easily they are being stereotype as 'Malaysian products, Unreliable' without even been given a chance to test by their own people.

***Pause Post***
**Went to Work**

OMG! I told you I will so regret it this morning! I just planning to start my project 10 pan and a friend of mine told me that she is going to Singapore's Sephora. I feel so tempted to get the camouflage concealer and the value set mascara where they have all the miniature size of 8 or 10 different branded mascaras! ARggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. OK, move on. DO my GS assignments.


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