Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let's Talk about School Uniforms!

How exciting right? NOT! I never liked those pinafores during my secondary school years, it can get really hot and uncomfortable. The only benefit it gave me was the less headache of what to wear in the morning. Which also took me 2 years after leaving school to conform to that statement. I do plan my outfit the night before but I still tend to get fickle-minded about it and change the whole outfit entirely. The thought of being over-dressed or under-dress kills time badly! It takes me at least 15 minutes every day to agree to my clothing for the day. Though, I am not willing to go back to those uniform years even if the weather is getting colder!

My mom and I were just having this conversation a few days back and she was telling me about how hot her school's classroom is and what makes it worse are those deafening noise of the students and their obnoxious attitude. Seriously, her school's students need some attitude makeover. I place much sympathy towards her every time she comes back from school looking so weary and tired. Teaching is not usually the factor for the cause of her fatigue but mainly due to the students misbehavior or all those things that sometimes as an educator, they just have to voice out. Otherwise, they will be considered for not doing their job. Anyway, she was also saying about how pitiful her students have to get in line under the hot sun with the uniform before getting into classes. Honestly, I do feel that it is ridiculous too as I myself had experienced it. How do you expect us to concentrate in class when we are in an uncomfortable state? I will get very annoyed which will then make my day very moody and I will probably start rebelling! Do we want our future generations to start being a rebel? NO, so start fixing Air Condition in schools! Fine, maybe it doesn't apply to everyone but I will definitely sign petition for AC in schools. Is either that or change the Uniforms!

So today StarMag had the cover written about school uniforms, whether it is still practical or not. Finally, someone saw the issue and took charge to tell everyone. Now you might be surprise but I am not joking, students that were being interviewed somehow think that uniforms are important. I was like 'what??....... are you serious?' and laughing to my inner self. Not trying to disagree as of course those are the righteous textbook answer. Knowing me, if I was the interviewee, I will say NO with a bang on the table fo sizzle! xD Anyhow, even though the article consists of many blunt stuff which most of us already know like 'uniforms unite us, give us the identity of a school student and blah blah blah'. I can't help but to agree to a few statements that they suggested, one very good example is that it helps to prevent the development of hierarchy in schools. We can avoid the judgmental status quo. Uniforms help to prevent the actual rising of a queen bee and somehow certain people are suddenly more Superior than the other. There's a high chance that those social issues just like in the english chick flicks (example gossip girl, mean girls & cliques) might actually happen because the fact is there are too many 'wannabes'. Can you imagine how much more peer pressure that a student has to handle?

Besides, uniforms sound like Unified + Formals. It is formal attires instead of casuals. I personally like the idea of unified outfit but change the formals. Haven't you heard about 'Studying is suppose to be fun!?' Isn't that is what everyone is trying to promote? To make education fun and easy to learn? When we think about Formal, it is usually related to dull, boring and serious. Formal and Fun don't work very well with each other even though they are both from the F family.

I stamped the keys of 'Malaysian Uniform' on to google and one of the result is this anime girl in uniform. If really this is what the students are wearing in the future, we can start counting the death of boys dying young due to the excessive nose bleed.

Besides, since when Malaysian girls got so big boobs and thighs? Please la, be more pragmatic can or not.

Soo Add Math!
Is just for laughter, Please study!


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Leslie said...

Just make the school uniforms more comfortable. There is no rule they can't be. There, problem solved for everyone.