Friday, March 12, 2010

Laying it down

It was some time ago when I blogged about the famous Singaporean director, Jack Neo. I bragged about how much I loved his movies and the story lines. This morning, I woke up after the thousand time of snoozing, went downstairs and got hold of the new strawberry white coffee and the newspaper. Immediately, my pupils shift towards a picture of Jack Neo carrying a woman who looked like she had fainted. Then, I diverted my attention to the text for more information. My eyes widened after understanding the description and flipped myself to page 16 to the full article. It was a press release of his confession. Tiger Wood alert! Apparently, this news have been going on for quite some time and obviously, I feel outdated! Information given was that he had an affair with a model and another woman, the scandal somehow burst and his wife knew. Blah blah blah, his wife forgave him and they had a conference as a confession box and to ask the media to stop bothering them about the incident.

This will definitely bring down his reputation plus he just recently had a movie premiere titled 'Being Human' (zhuo ren), will he still be ranked as one of the best? hmmmmmmmm

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