Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jaws Dropped


Ma Ma Mia! Can he be any cuter! With his hair pushed back and the maroon leather jacket.... Damn.. I know I'm kind of outdated on this. I believe many had seen it but I didn't hear much about this movie. There's no hype about it. Personally, I wanted to watch it at the beginning but then don't know which stupid fellow told me that the movie was bad. Which somehow manage to convince me to not watch it.

Hahaha, probably yes, I liked the movie cause of the cute actor but we all got to start somewhere in liking something. I would say the storyline was alright, slight cartoon-ish feeling but this movie probably caters to the younger generations whom are in their early teens. It doesn't really make much difference anyway when you have a cute young boy playing goody goody in the movie. Oh also, you will find that there are alot of things flying in this movie and when they sprint(run fast like flash), got colors comes out of their back!


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