Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Day

I am quite happy with how my day went today, it was definitely interesting and different. As usual, I always drive around finding a place that I have never been before and I had explored two new places today, with reasons.

Flashback two days ago, I was confirmed for two interviews today. One was at 11am and another was at 2.30pm. I was surprised that they actually called me for an interview. Now you must be wondering what job was I applying for and where? I really don't want to release anything yet until I'm double confirm or triple confirm. So bear with me for a month or so regarding this mysterious job.

Sadly to say, I was late for the morning interview. I know, shame on me! It was in Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, my first expression was 'HUH? Where in the world is that'. What makes it worse was that at the end of the address line written KL. I like to be adventurous but my skills in driving around KL area are still yet to be perfected. I never like driving around KL area, it is so complicated! Before my brain could actually explode, Thank God it was written 'opposite 1U'. Hallelujah, that is more like it! At least I know how to get to 1U and the directions given by the girl was pretty clear. Anyway, the interview went okay. No biggie and it was FAST! Like superman fast. It took me an hour to reach there due to the LDP road that constantly filled with cars and I only had to go through only about 15minutes of interview which was totally not horrifying or torturing at all.

So I had plenty of time to spare till my next interview which was in Puchong. I had already planned to go back to college just to google the area. I ended up getting permission from Miss See Ling to use the admin's internet because the library just had to close by the time I got there. Oh and I met Zhen Yang, pity all these architecture students, even Saturday they are busy with their models. I use google for everything, it is a life saver. Although, the google map is so outdated. Apparently, Jalan Bandar 19 in pusat Bandar puchong is new and it seems that google map has not updated anything since 2006. Obviously, I had some trouble looking for the damn Jalan bandar 19 on the map, the maximum I saw was 16 and that was it! Knowing me being me, I will still go looking for the place even though I seriously have no idea where it is. It was a suffer for the entire journey, thank God I had been to puchong area before during the times with Serene visiting Jia Sheng's house.

Can anyone tell me how can I U-turn to Tesco when tesco is on my right? That is where my challenge begin. Even now I am still scratching my heads. Oh, some random facts, the pet store that I drop by to ask for direction, stinks. Hahaha. I remembered well that once I stepped out, I told myself 'God it stinks'. Okay fine, I'm being judgmental as it is a pet store, so they are meant to stink for some reason.

Fortunately, I found the place ON TIME! hahaha. Maybe with my car time signals 2.30pm, in reality it is 10 minutes earlier. Anyway, with this place I had waited to 5pm before it was my turn and the interview session only took up probably 45 minutes. I wasn't the only one, so it was no big deal. I made some friends, hopefully will be able to work with them in the mere future. I shared food and drinks too! The weather was freaking hot and definitely, we did not had any portent that the air condition was not working very well. Since the place is new thus no water nor rubbish bin yet. Some of us got hungry and thirsty after waiting for a long time, coincidentally I bought some muffins and water earlier. Funnily we ate while waiting.

So practically I was out the whole day. Honestly, I was slightly over-prepared. It wasn't how I expected it to be but I'm gleeful overall.

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