Monday, March 1, 2010

First day of Uni... I was very early

I may not be there but I know everyone must have had fun Facebooking during IDM class! I guess it must be fun to be given the 'liberty' to surf on personal purposes during class especially when the lecturer is talking. I don't think he said that we can't but as students, we assumed that it was alright as he did not address this matter. Anyway, even if he did inform us, we might still break the rules. How ignorant!

I am tired after a day of classes, I hate it when they arranged us to have 4 hours break in between before the next class which is at 3pm-5pm. Kills the mood and momentum. I slept in the train, came home, eat junks, slept on sofa, woke up, eat dinner, online, bathe and probably sleep again. Thank God it's only one class tomorrow and CF which I'm looking forward to see them again. Oh, great another 4 hours of nothing-to-do till 5pm.

By the way, Mom, Please stop telling me not to blog to often and all the other stuffs you always advise me. Thank you, I love you but sorry to say, it's getting annoying. Blogging makes me write, even though most of the time is junk but at least I practice my writing skills. I am a communication student, I learn media literacy. I will know how to dispose unwanted items properly, that is if I really care. I am not afraid of my past, I only care about the present and the future. I guess this is the only way I can let you know so that you won't remind me on this again because I've tried telling you personally and it is not working. Anyway, I know you love me and you too know how much I love you and Dad, it's indescribable! and... I will now take my bathe.

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