Saturday, March 20, 2010

Everything under RM10?? + free postage

Miss who?? Petite!!! Yeah, for the first time Seenamon is collaborating with designerhandmade jewelery Miss petite. The Pink Collection (our first collection) is to die for! Earring at a super-duper low price, plus, as an addition, it is free postage!!!!! Two things that I personally like to hear, low price + free postage. Oh, by the way, they are all UNDER RM10!!!!!

Charm @ RM7
I love that beautiful heart!!!!

Pleasure @ RM7
So cute for random outings with for BFFs.
It is not too dressy or not too casual.

Delight @ RM9
What......... R U Serious?
Something similar in forever 21 probably will cost you Rm12 or more.

You like them? There's more...
Check them out by clicking on the pink banner below:

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