Friday, March 19, 2010

2 sales in 2 days

I was at sri petaling yesterday for Loreal's warehouse sale. I had class from 8am-3pm and I remembered being so excited for it and was very horribly unfocused the entire day in college. My mind was all about the warehouse sale. I even left my last class once the lecturer took attendance and gave the permission to leave when usually I will always be the last few to leave. I guessed my expectation flew high till it hit rock bottom once I was there. The sale wasn't as Awesome as it was during the last sale in PJ. Is either that or I was immune to sales or... it could be that I've been to too many sales that makes me compare their price, quality and expiry dates. Most of the time I will also think whether can I get it cheaper at another warehouse sale in the mere future. Highly disappointed but I drove so far, so Just get a couple of stuffs. Sadly, they don't have my mom's requested shampoo. So, I ended up just buying the conditioner for her. Left the place in despair.

Popular sale in Summit, you know how much I love shopping for school supplies! Got amirul to tag along just because he's the future writer of our class. I bought More folders, it was so exciting because the folder is multi-purpose type and I get very fascinated with all the unusual designs and how it flips out or flips in. Of course, how can I leave the place without getting a notebook. Wahaha.... I know that is so sad of me. Also, I bought a new pair of stiletto!

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