Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The real april post. It's april fools day!

I wanted to blog about something but it looks like it's not going to happen because the Internet is so slow to the extent of not allowing me to upload pictures on blog. April is coming in like 2 minutes time, I'm really looking forward to April for some reason that actually everyone doesn't know. I encountered someone about two months back and the rest of the conversation shall stay covert. I really can't wait to see how the month of April will go for me, hopefully I am not expecting too much which might lead to disappointment.

It is just really funny how everytime I think about 'lucky-ness'. I was just talking to my mom about how lucky my brother is on his really awesome part-time job with freakishly loaded with benefits. I am similar to my mom in various ways and I will have to admit that this is one of them. She was telling me that she is not the lucky person where basically not the kind of person whom has the touch of winning things or in 4D. I was like 'Damn I can really relate to that' because for the past year or two, I have been really pondering on the whole 'luck' thing. I don't consider myself as a lucky person and I don't do luck. It's not that I don't want to, seriously, luck was just never on my side. No matter how much faith I have that I am going to be lucky on something, it just never turn out right. I really just don't get lucky, it is either blessings or hard work, even that I will have to say it is 60% hard work to get something. So basically, my life theory is easy 'don't work hard, you won't get anything' is that simple. I have to say sometimes even with hard work, I still don't get it. I know, it is really sad, what a depressing ideology. I shall just live life in moderate.

I have really been observing myself for the past year or two for me to actually come up with that thought. There is a lot of initiation and energy needed for the things that I do. Everyday I pray for some good miracle will happen because it sucks for me to go home and sit in my room thinking that 'today is just an ordinary day' when I am reviewing on 'how did my day go' segment. Even with my activities and all, it is getting really routine. It could probably due to classes that make my life so scheduled every week because I can't run away from them.

I have been really busy with assignments lately. This semester requires us to update our assignments on a weekly basis. My plan on getting organize is not coming true apparently, haha, I mean, I really don't know, I've tried but it always goes everywhere. So, I guess to have a little OCD is not all bad because or else you will be like me. I have no OCD or what-so-ever, thus, I don't really care if whether I am using the same pen for my planner or whether my clothes will have to be properly placed or whether anything will have to be in alphabetical order. I chuck things everywhere and my planner is a mess!

Just saw the announcement on moving to lakeside, 3rd May will be the degree students big day. We are practically the last of the last to move in. I DON'T WANT!!!!!!!!! I am getting hungry writing this. I'm going downstairs for some food hunting.

No worries, the Men Pen is here!

Isn't this just another concealer? Seriously, this is specially catered for men. My question is why?? Is the formula or the ingredient in the product differs from women? or it is just for the sake of marketing where guys will only buy and use it if it doesn't state Victoria Secret, Maybelline or any other cosmetic labeled product on the cover? It you used it will it makes the men more masculine in compare to using other concealer? If indeed is the formula is thicker and more lasting due to men sweat more and etc, don't you think that I would prefer this product for myself as well because of the better coverage and lasting power it provides? I've linked it on the picture, check it out if you want to or who knows secretly you're a guy who wants them too! xD

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Read the definition of love. (Nature's way of tricking people into reproducing!) hahahhahahaha.

Joanne, me, Yvonne!

Woots! New Layout by blogger in draft

I am just trying it out and so far, this is kind of cool. Seem so futuristic and I like the feel of it making look so 'great' in web designing. I hate dealing with HTMLs, thus really help me to save energy to have a nicer template. I honestly wanted to shift blog because I was getting tired of the blogger's old template but yeah, I guess I don't need to now. Wahaha....

I love the define and translate features, I am going to show you something funny. I am waiting for the picture to be uploaded. It is really slow, I don't know if it is moving or not. The colour range is kind of sad, they don't have the big circle with all kinds of colour to choose from.

Like the new template?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Wednesday

  • A break is good. Unproductive but good.
  • Project 10 pan is still on! I can do it!
  • CSL phone is still on my list! Almost fell for LG new GW collection but lost interest once I found out that there's no wifi. :p
  • Arghhh, I want to know the results of the project!
  • Semester 2 is harsh and is getting tougher. I'm so bothered by all the assignments.
  • Not getting a new phone until maybe June.
  • Shifting campus next month, I can smell cow dung already. Hahaha.
  • Can anyone tell me how can I start my readings? hmmmm....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project 10 pan for a CSL phone

I'm writing this post at 8.43am on a Saturday where Taylor's is having an Open day in Lakeside. Yes, I will be there working. It is so delightful but at the same time feeling guilty everytime I hear myself procrastinating on my assignments. This week is seriously my worst week ever in college because I totally didn't read any of the readings before tutorials and totally did not update any of my assignments. I feel crappy because now, I can't join the Connect-ed BBQ tonight just to complete my freakishly hard GS assignment and I have to ensure that I start updating my academic blog on UNISA. I had to re-do my IDM mind map because it is in bad condition, like people can read dust particles better because they are more organized than my huge fuggly mind map. Tension.

So what is project 10 pan?? Go google, I'm too lazy to explain. Haha, joking. Basically I am banned from buying any cosmetics until I finish using 10 of my products. I would probably hate myself for doing this but it is for the best or I can't save enough money to get a new phone. My twist is that instead of using up 10 of my cosmetic (which I know it will take forever and I'll basically die if there is a warehouse sale coming up) what I will do is to not buy certain products (lipstick, gloss, shadows, powder, makeup base, blush and brushes... ok fine, I will throw in mascara as well. Will totally regret this!) until I save enough cash for my CSL Blueberry. DON't LAUGH! I am aware that it is a Malaysian product, just think that it is good for me to try to believe in Malaysian products. If everyone is reluctant to try them, how is their company going to grow? Easily they are being stereotype as 'Malaysian products, Unreliable' without even been given a chance to test by their own people.

***Pause Post***
**Went to Work**

OMG! I told you I will so regret it this morning! I just planning to start my project 10 pan and a friend of mine told me that she is going to Singapore's Sephora. I feel so tempted to get the camouflage concealer and the value set mascara where they have all the miniature size of 8 or 10 different branded mascaras! ARggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. OK, move on. DO my GS assignments.


Everything under RM10?? + free postage

Miss who?? Petite!!! Yeah, for the first time Seenamon is collaborating with designerhandmade jewelery Miss petite. The Pink Collection (our first collection) is to die for! Earring at a super-duper low price, plus, as an addition, it is free postage!!!!! Two things that I personally like to hear, low price + free postage. Oh, by the way, they are all UNDER RM10!!!!!

Charm @ RM7
I love that beautiful heart!!!!

Pleasure @ RM7
So cute for random outings with for BFFs.
It is not too dressy or not too casual.

Delight @ RM9
What......... R U Serious?
Something similar in forever 21 probably will cost you Rm12 or more.

You like them? There's more...
Check them out by clicking on the pink banner below:

Friday, March 19, 2010

2 sales in 2 days

I was at sri petaling yesterday for Loreal's warehouse sale. I had class from 8am-3pm and I remembered being so excited for it and was very horribly unfocused the entire day in college. My mind was all about the warehouse sale. I even left my last class once the lecturer took attendance and gave the permission to leave when usually I will always be the last few to leave. I guessed my expectation flew high till it hit rock bottom once I was there. The sale wasn't as Awesome as it was during the last sale in PJ. Is either that or I was immune to sales or... it could be that I've been to too many sales that makes me compare their price, quality and expiry dates. Most of the time I will also think whether can I get it cheaper at another warehouse sale in the mere future. Highly disappointed but I drove so far, so Just get a couple of stuffs. Sadly, they don't have my mom's requested shampoo. So, I ended up just buying the conditioner for her. Left the place in despair.

Popular sale in Summit, you know how much I love shopping for school supplies! Got amirul to tag along just because he's the future writer of our class. I bought More folders, it was so exciting because the folder is multi-purpose type and I get very fascinated with all the unusual designs and how it flips out or flips in. Of course, how can I leave the place without getting a notebook. Wahaha.... I know that is so sad of me. Also, I bought a new pair of stiletto!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seenamon Update @ rm16 for all below.

Check out Seenamon: Click below!

Discovery Channel

So, I was doing some research for my group presentation tomorrow with Laura and Rhea. Guess what I've found.....

File:Flag of Swaziland.svg

It's a flag!!! The flag of Swaziland. Seriously, Swaziland! Cute discovery. Just made my day and I have to share.

A little tweet.

Remember the job that I was so secretive about? Well, this post is still not going to be the post of confession but I am just doing some random update. I was called for a second interview for an upcoming project, I am really excited to be honest. I really hope that I can be involved in that project. Will update more once I have done the interview. May God be with me!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Yes, I went for the SPCA talk in Taylor's PJ. I left early, I just had some other things to do. This post is going to be picture driven.

I was just so distracted by the children. They are so cute running around, jumping here and there but they do their own things quietly. They don't make hell of a noise like some other kids does.

They brought a big dog and a puppy. Which totally attracted many students into the auditorium.

Random picture in class. We were bored to death while waiting for our lecture to be done with other groups.

Laying it down

It was some time ago when I blogged about the famous Singaporean director, Jack Neo. I bragged about how much I loved his movies and the story lines. This morning, I woke up after the thousand time of snoozing, went downstairs and got hold of the new strawberry white coffee and the newspaper. Immediately, my pupils shift towards a picture of Jack Neo carrying a woman who looked like she had fainted. Then, I diverted my attention to the text for more information. My eyes widened after understanding the description and flipped myself to page 16 to the full article. It was a press release of his confession. Tiger Wood alert! Apparently, this news have been going on for quite some time and obviously, I feel outdated! Information given was that he had an affair with a model and another woman, the scandal somehow burst and his wife knew. Blah blah blah, his wife forgave him and they had a conference as a confession box and to ask the media to stop bothering them about the incident.

This will definitely bring down his reputation plus he just recently had a movie premiere titled 'Being Human' (zhuo ren), will he still be ranked as one of the best? hmmmmmmmm

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let's Talk about School Uniforms!

How exciting right? NOT! I never liked those pinafores during my secondary school years, it can get really hot and uncomfortable. The only benefit it gave me was the less headache of what to wear in the morning. Which also took me 2 years after leaving school to conform to that statement. I do plan my outfit the night before but I still tend to get fickle-minded about it and change the whole outfit entirely. The thought of being over-dressed or under-dress kills time badly! It takes me at least 15 minutes every day to agree to my clothing for the day. Though, I am not willing to go back to those uniform years even if the weather is getting colder!

My mom and I were just having this conversation a few days back and she was telling me about how hot her school's classroom is and what makes it worse are those deafening noise of the students and their obnoxious attitude. Seriously, her school's students need some attitude makeover. I place much sympathy towards her every time she comes back from school looking so weary and tired. Teaching is not usually the factor for the cause of her fatigue but mainly due to the students misbehavior or all those things that sometimes as an educator, they just have to voice out. Otherwise, they will be considered for not doing their job. Anyway, she was also saying about how pitiful her students have to get in line under the hot sun with the uniform before getting into classes. Honestly, I do feel that it is ridiculous too as I myself had experienced it. How do you expect us to concentrate in class when we are in an uncomfortable state? I will get very annoyed which will then make my day very moody and I will probably start rebelling! Do we want our future generations to start being a rebel? NO, so start fixing Air Condition in schools! Fine, maybe it doesn't apply to everyone but I will definitely sign petition for AC in schools. Is either that or change the Uniforms!

So today StarMag had the cover written about school uniforms, whether it is still practical or not. Finally, someone saw the issue and took charge to tell everyone. Now you might be surprise but I am not joking, students that were being interviewed somehow think that uniforms are important. I was like 'what??....... are you serious?' and laughing to my inner self. Not trying to disagree as of course those are the righteous textbook answer. Knowing me, if I was the interviewee, I will say NO with a bang on the table fo sizzle! xD Anyhow, even though the article consists of many blunt stuff which most of us already know like 'uniforms unite us, give us the identity of a school student and blah blah blah'. I can't help but to agree to a few statements that they suggested, one very good example is that it helps to prevent the development of hierarchy in schools. We can avoid the judgmental status quo. Uniforms help to prevent the actual rising of a queen bee and somehow certain people are suddenly more Superior than the other. There's a high chance that those social issues just like in the english chick flicks (example gossip girl, mean girls & cliques) might actually happen because the fact is there are too many 'wannabes'. Can you imagine how much more peer pressure that a student has to handle?

Besides, uniforms sound like Unified + Formals. It is formal attires instead of casuals. I personally like the idea of unified outfit but change the formals. Haven't you heard about 'Studying is suppose to be fun!?' Isn't that is what everyone is trying to promote? To make education fun and easy to learn? When we think about Formal, it is usually related to dull, boring and serious. Formal and Fun don't work very well with each other even though they are both from the F family.

I stamped the keys of 'Malaysian Uniform' on to google and one of the result is this anime girl in uniform. If really this is what the students are wearing in the future, we can start counting the death of boys dying young due to the excessive nose bleed.

Besides, since when Malaysian girls got so big boobs and thighs? Please la, be more pragmatic can or not.

Soo Add Math!
Is just for laughter, Please study!


Jaws Dropped


Ma Ma Mia! Can he be any cuter! With his hair pushed back and the maroon leather jacket.... Damn.. I know I'm kind of outdated on this. I believe many had seen it but I didn't hear much about this movie. There's no hype about it. Personally, I wanted to watch it at the beginning but then don't know which stupid fellow told me that the movie was bad. Which somehow manage to convince me to not watch it.

Hahaha, probably yes, I liked the movie cause of the cute actor but we all got to start somewhere in liking something. I would say the storyline was alright, slight cartoon-ish feeling but this movie probably caters to the younger generations whom are in their early teens. It doesn't really make much difference anyway when you have a cute young boy playing goody goody in the movie. Oh also, you will find that there are alot of things flying in this movie and when they sprint(run fast like flash), got colors comes out of their back!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Day

I am quite happy with how my day went today, it was definitely interesting and different. As usual, I always drive around finding a place that I have never been before and I had explored two new places today, with reasons.

Flashback two days ago, I was confirmed for two interviews today. One was at 11am and another was at 2.30pm. I was surprised that they actually called me for an interview. Now you must be wondering what job was I applying for and where? I really don't want to release anything yet until I'm double confirm or triple confirm. So bear with me for a month or so regarding this mysterious job.

Sadly to say, I was late for the morning interview. I know, shame on me! It was in Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, my first expression was 'HUH? Where in the world is that'. What makes it worse was that at the end of the address line written KL. I like to be adventurous but my skills in driving around KL area are still yet to be perfected. I never like driving around KL area, it is so complicated! Before my brain could actually explode, Thank God it was written 'opposite 1U'. Hallelujah, that is more like it! At least I know how to get to 1U and the directions given by the girl was pretty clear. Anyway, the interview went okay. No biggie and it was FAST! Like superman fast. It took me an hour to reach there due to the LDP road that constantly filled with cars and I only had to go through only about 15minutes of interview which was totally not horrifying or torturing at all.

So I had plenty of time to spare till my next interview which was in Puchong. I had already planned to go back to college just to google the area. I ended up getting permission from Miss See Ling to use the admin's internet because the library just had to close by the time I got there. Oh and I met Zhen Yang, pity all these architecture students, even Saturday they are busy with their models. I use google for everything, it is a life saver. Although, the google map is so outdated. Apparently, Jalan Bandar 19 in pusat Bandar puchong is new and it seems that google map has not updated anything since 2006. Obviously, I had some trouble looking for the damn Jalan bandar 19 on the map, the maximum I saw was 16 and that was it! Knowing me being me, I will still go looking for the place even though I seriously have no idea where it is. It was a suffer for the entire journey, thank God I had been to puchong area before during the times with Serene visiting Jia Sheng's house.

Can anyone tell me how can I U-turn to Tesco when tesco is on my right? That is where my challenge begin. Even now I am still scratching my heads. Oh, some random facts, the pet store that I drop by to ask for direction, stinks. Hahaha. I remembered well that once I stepped out, I told myself 'God it stinks'. Okay fine, I'm being judgmental as it is a pet store, so they are meant to stink for some reason.

Fortunately, I found the place ON TIME! hahaha. Maybe with my car time signals 2.30pm, in reality it is 10 minutes earlier. Anyway, with this place I had waited to 5pm before it was my turn and the interview session only took up probably 45 minutes. I wasn't the only one, so it was no big deal. I made some friends, hopefully will be able to work with them in the mere future. I shared food and drinks too! The weather was freaking hot and definitely, we did not had any portent that the air condition was not working very well. Since the place is new thus no water nor rubbish bin yet. Some of us got hungry and thirsty after waiting for a long time, coincidentally I bought some muffins and water earlier. Funnily we ate while waiting.

So practically I was out the whole day. Honestly, I was slightly over-prepared. It wasn't how I expected it to be but I'm gleeful overall.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Berries Dilemma Is Back!

Hey Hey, He is back with more berries and dilemma! Nope it is not season 2 yet but it will be very very soon. Last stopped was episode 12, now, episode 13,14 & 15 is posted. According to the author, the next episode will be the season finale?? Hmmmmm... So we'll see what happens. click on the image for the link.

Monday, March 1, 2010

First day of Uni... I was very early

I may not be there but I know everyone must have had fun Facebooking during IDM class! I guess it must be fun to be given the 'liberty' to surf on personal purposes during class especially when the lecturer is talking. I don't think he said that we can't but as students, we assumed that it was alright as he did not address this matter. Anyway, even if he did inform us, we might still break the rules. How ignorant!

I am tired after a day of classes, I hate it when they arranged us to have 4 hours break in between before the next class which is at 3pm-5pm. Kills the mood and momentum. I slept in the train, came home, eat junks, slept on sofa, woke up, eat dinner, online, bathe and probably sleep again. Thank God it's only one class tomorrow and CF which I'm looking forward to see them again. Oh, great another 4 hours of nothing-to-do till 5pm.

By the way, Mom, Please stop telling me not to blog to often and all the other stuffs you always advise me. Thank you, I love you but sorry to say, it's getting annoying. Blogging makes me write, even though most of the time is junk but at least I practice my writing skills. I am a communication student, I learn media literacy. I will know how to dispose unwanted items properly, that is if I really care. I am not afraid of my past, I only care about the present and the future. I guess this is the only way I can let you know so that you won't remind me on this again because I've tried telling you personally and it is not working. Anyway, I know you love me and you too know how much I love you and Dad, it's indescribable! and... I will now take my bathe.