Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is what happening...

School starting in a two weeks time, partially excited for it. I'm pretty much contradicting my thoughts in my previous blog post, I really don't know why but I'm assuming it's due to excessive watching of 'My school bag + organizational tips' on youtube videos. Not lying but some of their tips really works, folders are going to be my next new best friend for college. It's true that if you were to let me loose in an office department/ stationary/ bookstore, the one thing that I will surely have in hand is a new notebook. Confession, I'm a total freak notebook collector and I never use any of them. I tend to stock them up in my little cupboard and be satisfied until my next notebook comes in the picture. Other than notebooks, if I don't control myself, you will see me grabbing all kinds of pens, pencils, files and etc. Most of the time, I don't even think I need them. Except for Post-it, I just always have them never really buy them unless it's really super-duper cute. Otherwise, it will always be self-owning any post-it that are laying around my house.

Planning to get a pocket size dictionary because ONE: I am craving for it (Oddly surprising as craving doesn't work much on food for me but items seem to be the target) TWO: I find myself getting bored of my own words lately, it is highly mundane to go through life just by recycling those few words and to be satisfied with those pity number of words that you might already know. I am aware that recently I have been really attentive to new words, words that I never really heard before or come across. This happens really often when I'm watching movies on my laptop as they allows me to pause and resume, I have the tendency to open the dictionary if it is in my reachable zone. It doesn't really matter even if I understood that they are talking about, if it is a new word, most of the time there will be an urge for a search. Probably it could be one of the factor that I blog less these days because I just don't have new words to play with or share. Though, even if I do, I always can't remember them. What a waste of time, I can't seems to key it in my brain. Bad memory!

I was at my friend's mom wake service (funeral) just this late evening. Her mom was a really nice person, I still remember those times when we are still teenagers without a driving license and a car, I will carpool with my friend to tuition where her mom will send us and my mom will fetch us back. After SPM, the usual thing happens, we go into our separate ways. There were plans to meet up and all but it just never happened for some reason. It was really shocking when I was informed about her mom being in the hospital and then next day, I was being updated about the passing and the service. It happened so quickly, sometimes you don't have the time to plan, time just passes you by. I would have to say it is annoying and frustrating, why can't we fight against time? Wouldn't it be great if we can turn back time or see the future? Of course, I wouldn't guarantee that life will be better but it will be an extra bonus that life have to offer for the benefit of most human beings.

My blog is getting very wordy. I have a very reasonable answer, I now upload most of my photos on Facebook. If blogger comes up with an uploader similar to FB, then I will upload it here as well.

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