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Taylor's University College Hospitality Fine Dining experience.

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I just want to share my experience on Fine Dining in Taylor's New Lakeside Campus. I was really blessed to be invited for lunch by a friend of mine and as well as dinner by Taylor's Symphony Band. Of course, I dine in both on two different days. Ever since last year, I was so looking forward to dine in the Lakeside Campus Restaurants. I had so much fun dining in the PJ Campus what more with a new beautiful environment!

Previously in PJ Campus, there were three restaurants prepared for the Hospitality students but I will have to honestly say that the so called 'three' restaurants were pretty small and not very well structured as they weren't exactly separated. This time in the Lakeside Campus, each of the four restaurants has their own nicely decorated space, culinary suites and pastry kitchen. The best part is even though they are separated, they are only connected by a pathway between the kitchen and the dinning area. I love this concept so much!

As said in prior, Taylor's now have FOUR Fine Dining restaurants. Truffles, Tarragon, Thyme and Tangerine. Each restaurant is decorated with exquisite concept according to their personal theme. My personal favorite has to be Tangerine because it comes with a deck with the lake view! Seriously, at this point, I am dying to dine on the deck. I am hoping somehow, I will get an invitation to dine there. I envied those sitting there eating and enjoying the view. I should probably take pictures of each restaurant entrance and post it up on blog. Sorry, I didn't get the chance to do that, maybe next time.

Both of my Fine Dining experiences for 2010 (so far) were in Truffles. I have pictures of the interior.
This was during my Lunch dining.

While this was during my Dinner dining.

Many times the tables will be nicely decorated and all the cutlery and glasses will be place with precision according to the menu served.

I'm not sure if it is the same with the other restaurants but one unique design of Truffles is that instead of an opaque wall between the dining area and the culinary suite, a glass wall is replaced so that the customers could watch Taylor's future chefs (students) in Action! Imagine if you are on a date, just the two of you and somehow the awkward silent moment occurs because probably you have nothing to talk about but you can't ditch your date just because you have to be a nice person. This will be the best time for both of you to turn your precious head towards the glass wall and entertain yourself before the food arrives or it might turn out to be the best conversation you had just by talking about what's going on in the kitchen. To be clear, I am not talking through experience, it is purely an idea.

Yes, it is true that every section of the restaurant is handled by Taylor's very own Hospitality or Culinary students. Of course, to the best in the industry, students are trained to dress to perfection as the profession requires.

One good example of a High Class Professional Server, Just like the ones you can find in 5 stars hotel!

It is not good enough to just look professional, they are also taught to be professional! There are certain rules and regulations that the students ought to follow.

This is how you should present wine to your customer. They will inform you the wine name and year too!

Now comes to food, hehehe, yummm...
It will always be a 3 course meal which includes starter, main course and dessert. Not to forget, I love this part, at the end of your meal, you can either have coffee or tea! They have some really good coffee for those coffee lovers. The food is always presented well no doubt and most of the time it taste good.....

Starter with squid.

Starter in pie form.
One of the most delicious starter I have ever tasted! Heart it to the Max!

Main course Malay Cuisine.
The sauce is Fabulous!

Main course with Sea bass and side dish of potato and carrots.
Sea bass is a kind of fish, I just learned it.

Dessert called Tiramisu.

She is not for dessert but she is preparing our dessert, Flambe!
By the way, can you see the bottles of wine behind her? If you ever drop by Lakeside campus, please do check out their Wine Lab. Taylor's could shout Eureka for that!

Can you see the fire? Okay, it is an unsuccessful picture shot. In the process of cooking flambe, they will make the pan catch fire. I like!

Dessert called Pancake Flambe!

Sorry about the stain, it was drunk before picture was taken.

Whether it is western cuisine or Malay cuisine, it will always be memorable. Interested in dining in? Well, you are required to do booking.

That's all for now!

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