Friday, February 5, 2010

The month of Feb-Tabulus.... right.

Confession! I only care about the month of June, never really bother about any other month. Call me selfish, I don't mind cause I'm in a mood of fighting.

I hate the fact of thinking 'Class is starting soon!'. I love student life but gosh, to go through another 3 tortures months of thinking about assignments plus balancing your life and getting good grades all at the same time? I'm tired even just thinking about it.

Thanks Nick for the lovely fine dining in the new Lakeside campus @ Truffles! I can't wait to try the rest of the other restaurants especially Tangerine with a deck. I'll be blogging about it soon, need to gather more information before the official post.

I'm not blogging as much, it happens every time I started working. Besides, I can't blog much about my frustration and anger. That goes into my punching bag.

Thanks Kaven for the dresses! Haven't try it on yet, will do soon.

By the way, did I say that it is now 4.50am? I have no idea, I just woke up out of the sudden.

I miss my grandmother. I got a random call from her today while I was at work. She was actually trying to call my sister's Godmother/stepmother (whatever you call it) but accidentally dialed my number. Totally reminded me that I haven't seen her for a while but in a week time, I will.

I need distractions! My daily routine life doesn't excites me anymore. I need to do something random, make a fool of myself more, dye my hair BLONDE and be a dumb blonde (I'm just joking, mom. It's an expression. Don't faint, hehe.) I need a complete handsome stranger with a great smile and buffed body to come up to me and say 'Hey pretty lady' XD! Hahaha. Seriously, NO! Never do that, I'll give you a tight slap straight on your right cheek!

It just totally popped in my thoughts that I haven't been shopping for some time. 5 gold star to myself for the self-control. My good angel says 'Don't lie JQ, it is because you are busy.' I'm totally crapping all the time these days, I feel bad to all the listeners that listens to my crap. Feel free to leave me monologueing, I talk to myself all the time. I need therapy. Hehe.

This post is getting dull. Sorry people to bore you with my stupidity.

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