Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have no idea what are the young people thinking these days.

While sending Miss Cassie back this evening, we were having some random talks and we touched on the topic of relationships. We had a mutual agreement of not having any idea of what my generation people are thinking. Jumping from one ship to another, changing relationships like changing clothes, coming in and out of it like it is your house. I am not trashing the youths of my generation but I honestly come to a point where I completely do not understand what is going in that brilliant brain of the youth these days. Besides that, I was just browsing on one of my younger church member's blog and was horrified to discover their heart breaks and lovey-dovey stories. Tears, laughter and thoughts that are way over the limits of freedom of expression. Seriously, when are the media literacy subjects going to be out for the teens in secondary school? It is a necessity! I would prefer that history is scraped off the shelf or make them an elective subject between history and media literacy. I appreciated my history class in high school but I would appreciate if ML was taught as well during my schooling years.

Please, someone, please tell me. Explain to me why and what? I feel so out of line with my generation youths. My thinking is totally way different, I don't want to be in a courtship just because my age allows me too. Damn, this must be the affect of reading 'Boy meets Girl by Joshua Harris'. Sis Kim's books always gets me thinking no matter how much I hate using my brain! Her house is like a mini library for me. Loving it!

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