Sunday, February 21, 2010

I bought my travel size dictionary that I wanted. I'm so excited about it. Haha. Lame right, so hyped about owning a new dictionary. Oh also, I took over my younger brother's Stabilo point 88 with 20 coloured pens, SWEET! Now I can use pink, purple and green for my notes. That is if I do notes for my next semester, probably not going to be hardworking anymore.

House is back to being empty. At least my younger brother is not going anywhere for the mean time. I broke my record of sleeping till 1.30pm two days ago, how awesome. Haha, I was chatting on msn with Michelle last night, hilarious! I can't wait to see her in person for more stories. IMY (i miss you)

Anybody wants to join me for Fine Dining @ Cilantro? Alvan's supervising this Thursday. Four course dinner with over nine main course to choose which varies from beef, turkey to seabass(fish). I will have to say the menu was impressive as the variety of food in the menu was just simply fabulous. Of course, it comes with a exclusive price of RM39.90 per pax.

Nga Ku Nga Ku, Bah Kua Bah Kua, Yumm Yumm. Guangzhou Nuts, ahhh....... Love them all when they fill my stomach. Great la, growing side ways. I want to have a healthy lifestyle, I will start....... when my snacks at home disappears.

By the way, Good Luck Andy Gomez for you audition, God Bless!

Somehow, I miss my classmates. Must be the Pre-sem-start feeling. I'm going to sleep!


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