Saturday, February 27, 2010

College Ministry

Something new, our first gathering for the College Ministry. I had a long day in PJ going through Leadership Training, it was fun in the beginning but was kind of draggy after lunch. My metabolisms rate tends to go really down after any meal which makes me feels very slumberous. Laughed out loud a lot, makes my throat in an uncomfortable state. This is horrible, I'm reading scripture tomorrow in the main service and I'm still considering on my scripture.

I need to start working out. Hahaha, fine, it is not going to happen. It is all words not work, pandai cakap saja! By the way, I was watching Girl's generation music video out of youtube just for fun and I can't stop laughing. Seriously, the only way I can describe them are that I feel cold and my hair stands while watching their music videos. Yes, I agree to the fact that they are cute and girly but gosh, too much! I mean come on, practically the whole video shows cute and there are so many of them in a group which doubles the 'geli' factor because all of them have to act cute for the video. Scary...

Going back to the College Ministry, as said tonight was our first meeting or 'melting pot' which is what we call them at Uncle Bryan's. Really nice big house and garden, food was obviously good. I love their pasta, potato salad, bacon wrap pineapple, I didn't tried the chicken but I'm sure it was tender and mouth watering. We had alot of fun with the ice breaker and worship, hopefully it will keep up and more activities will be up soon. This ministry happens every fortnightly on Saturdays' night. So far what's next is the BBQ @ Uncle Derrick's place.

My calender is filling up and I hope I have the energy to attend to all of them. I am having loads of fun and I will try my best to keep things fun even when my semester starts.

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