Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why I like it Longer?

When it is said, "Want to be a proud owner of this 'supermodel' phone?", I was like "Kaching! Hell yeah I'm writing this blog post!" I guess that the 'supermodel' word must have had some affect on me as it is just too bad that my height is the problem. Not only 'supermodel' but words like flight attendant and female sports player, do remind me of my height.

I wouldn't say that I'm really super-duper short. Being an Asian, probably it is quite common I would say. Sometimes being petite in Malaysia is kind of beneficial too as the guy population here are mostly not that tall too. No offense yeah guys that are not-that-tall but if you are a considered tall guy reading this post, please be proud! *clap hands and a pat on the back*

I guess the matter that hits me most is the fact that being short/petite limits your choice of job scopes! I did have the thought of just trying out for a spot as a flight attendant someday, you know, just to gain some experiences but due to my height, I don't think that I can reach anything that is on top of the plane. For an example, Qantas flight attendant needs to be at least 163-183cm tall, Singapore airlines minimum height is 1.58m, Air Asia and MAS requirement are at least 157cm tall! Guess what, I'm only 153cm, that is also if I'm not wrong! Horrible disaster strikes when I just goggled 'flight attendant height for air asia', on the top most list stated 'what to expect from an air asia flight attendant interview' with a content written 'You've got the height, you have a bubbly personality and you qualify...' What a bummer, it is like rubbing it into my face! What about those who have a bubbly personality and qualify with flying colours but only the height that is getting in their way? What a pity. That is why I would like it longer, so that I can be taller.

I don't even need to start explaining about supermodels. Naturally, taller people look slimmer. Blame the illusion of the eyes! Have you ever experienced to have the same weight as your friend but just because your friend is much taller thus looking way slimmer than you are? What's worst when you exercised and starved more than she does but you just can look as slim as she is? This is a serious issue man! Many women are experiencing this.

I didn't even noticed that I like
longer things until I'm blogging with this title with a hope of winning the amazing LG Chocolate phone (BL40) by Nuffnang. I just realized that many things that I have are actually longer that usual.

The giraffe on top of the pencil is to add the length and the pink pen that is so thin and long compared to a regular pen.

My earrings. The longer the better!

Files. I prefer using the longer red ones even though it doesn't keep as much as the blue ones.

My pink flip flops with a longer base to add my height. I recently just bought it in Malacca.

Is it because I'm short which explains on my choice on longer items? Honestly, I don't know. I just favor them more. Even my phone!

This is my current mobile that I'm using. It is a LG Wine.

I prefer clamp shell or slides. Why? Just because after opening it or slide it open, it becomes longer! Bar phones are usually short. The downside is that the long-nest is only temporary and once it is closed, it is even shorter than the bar phones. One day, I would really like to be able to tell my friends that 'So what I'm short, at least my phone is longer than yours! Watch video also nicer!'. I can't do that now as they can just close my phone and just laugh at me. That is why I would love to own that LG Chocolate!

I'm sure most of you know that I'm a hardcore LG fan. If there's a football team name after LG, I would so watch them on the field even if it is 3am in the morning. Before LG Wine, I had a black LG slide phone and a LG KS360. In between, I had tried other phone brands but I just can't stick to them for long and I will always miss my LG phones and often going back to my old LG phones. I'm not saying that LG phones are the perfect phones but I will love to try more of them to find my perfect one. I want to be the proud owner of this breathtaking sleek supermodel phone!