Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Update

I know I haven't been updating as regularly. I have just been busy and lazy, even when I have the time, I would prefer to just stay home, sleep and do nothing. Not even the Internet excites me anymore, this probably due to the reason of too many restrictions as I can't write just about anything. Anyway, the Internet is freaking slow these few days. Thus, the more reason for me not to use them.

I totally give up in trying to win the Iphone or Itouch. I think the Wise fellow got bored of my pictures. Hahaha. Though, I am quite happy that the contest is going well, it was also fun walking around SS15 to promote this contest and meeting some 'interesting' people. There was a group of Segi Business Marketing students around that area too, trying to get survey feedback. We did barter system!

Probably it is just not meant to be. Iphones are not for me, I'm going back to my wonderland in owning a blackberry.

Shifting to Lakeside was fun. I can't wait to actually see the lake to be clear and the hotel/accomodation building to be up, it will then be picture perfect. More parking space will be up in Feb!! Also, we are closer to nature due to the cows around that area. Hehehehe.....

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