Sunday, January 17, 2010

OKU for a week.

Imagine, I'm already so annoyed by the fact that my left ear is growing fungus which causes the block, what if I suddenly became a total deaf? I know that I just can't live without any of my body part functioning normally. I need them more than they need me! It feels so odd now that I can only pay half of my attention to someone that is talking to me. I practically have to focus on listening with one ear to actually get what they are saying. Today in church was dreadful due to my condition. I was leading praise and worship, I had to ensure that I was on the right note. Somehow everything seems so soft and everyone seems to tone down their voice when the fact was my ear playing tricks. This actually leads me to tone voice down too just to feel that I'm not shouting or something. I was trying my best not to get frustrated at those whom are soft spoken, I constantly have to tell them to speak louder. Trust me, I have to tell them to speak 3 or 4 times louder in order for me to get what in the world they are talking about.

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