Friday, January 8, 2010

Not much about the accident.

I told some of my friends that I'm going to be blogging about my recent minor accident but somehow I just feel too lazy to even try to explain what happen, details and all. If you really want to know, just ask me the next time you see me. I prefer a face-to-face communication in order for me to happily describe it with all my other non-verbal supports. It will be so much fun talking to you!

Before the accident, while I just dropped Sim off in Mentari, there was a massive jam. In this situation, I will start making my choice on which pathway should I journey into as there were many roads that leads me back to my home area. It was 6.30pm, what do you expect, it's freaking peak hours for highways. Somehow I picked the inner road that I recently learned.

After the accident, I can't help but to think 'What if I have used the other road? Why am I so dumb to pick this road today?' All these kind of questions started popping up.

In real life, I'm sure most of us have the 'What if' question. Some of us can't forget the time when a mistake was done and kept pondering 'what if I did not do that or what if I have done the other thing which I'm supposed to do?'. I believe that there are a handful of college students felt that what if they had taken up the courses of their choice or what if they had studied other courses. According to a survey on Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development suggested that 1/3 of the graduates believed that they had studied the wrong course. It seems that it had held those 1/3 back in their later life.

I guess now I realize how under-appreciated education counselors are. Fine, maybe is just me. I never really saw the picture of how important and valuable are their contribution to the society. They are very much needed especially for those who are unsure about their future. In the past, I assumed that these so called 'education counselors' are just some bunch of workers for student's registration purposes. To me, it used to be 'If you don't know what you want to study or you don't know what you want to do in the future, seriously, just go slap yourself!' It's your future, how can you not know what you want to do?! What is wrong with you, don't you have an interest or a life?! Come on, MAN UP! You can't even decide on such a simple decision, how are you going to survive the real man eating world?!

My perception turned 180 degrees, I was wrong and it is not just because I am working in the student services department. Trust me, I've been working as a student helper for a year plus and only now I discovered this significant information. From the survey as well, it seemed that 2/3 of the respondents felt their university could have offered better career advice. A thousand slaps back to my face from all those whom I told to slap themselves. (Joking, to be clear, I DID NOT ask anyone to slap themselves.) Wow, it seem so minor but so crucial too because it does affect the student's future career. It is not just counseling, you are helping them to choose the most suitable programme according to their personality, character and interest. It is also not just informing what the university has to offer but it is guiding and showing some light and hope to the students.

Seriously, Taylor's student helpers in the student services department should get a bonus or a raise. We are overworked!