Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seenamon! Seventeen collection

Don't you think they are pretty??!!
These are a few of the Seenamon's Seventeen collection!
As it's collection name, all earrings under this collection are only at an unbelievably low price of ONLY RM17 each!

Just check out for more info!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why I like it Longer?

When it is said, "Want to be a proud owner of this 'supermodel' phone?", I was like "Kaching! Hell yeah I'm writing this blog post!" I guess that the 'supermodel' word must have had some affect on me as it is just too bad that my height is the problem. Not only 'supermodel' but words like flight attendant and female sports player, do remind me of my height.

I wouldn't say that I'm really super-duper short. Being an Asian, probably it is quite common I would say. Sometimes being petite in Malaysia is kind of beneficial too as the guy population here are mostly not that tall too. No offense yeah guys that are not-that-tall but if you are a considered tall guy reading this post, please be proud! *clap hands and a pat on the back*

I guess the matter that hits me most is the fact that being short/petite limits your choice of job scopes! I did have the thought of just trying out for a spot as a flight attendant someday, you know, just to gain some experiences but due to my height, I don't think that I can reach anything that is on top of the plane. For an example, Qantas flight attendant needs to be at least 163-183cm tall, Singapore airlines minimum height is 1.58m, Air Asia and MAS requirement are at least 157cm tall! Guess what, I'm only 153cm, that is also if I'm not wrong! Horrible disaster strikes when I just goggled 'flight attendant height for air asia', on the top most list stated 'what to expect from an air asia flight attendant interview' with a content written 'You've got the height, you have a bubbly personality and you qualify...' What a bummer, it is like rubbing it into my face! What about those who have a bubbly personality and qualify with flying colours but only the height that is getting in their way? What a pity. That is why I would like it longer, so that I can be taller.

I don't even need to start explaining about supermodels. Naturally, taller people look slimmer. Blame the illusion of the eyes! Have you ever experienced to have the same weight as your friend but just because your friend is much taller thus looking way slimmer than you are? What's worst when you exercised and starved more than she does but you just can look as slim as she is? This is a serious issue man! Many women are experiencing this.

I didn't even noticed that I like
longer things until I'm blogging with this title with a hope of winning the amazing LG Chocolate phone (BL40) by Nuffnang. I just realized that many things that I have are actually longer that usual.

The giraffe on top of the pencil is to add the length and the pink pen that is so thin and long compared to a regular pen.

My earrings. The longer the better!

Files. I prefer using the longer red ones even though it doesn't keep as much as the blue ones.

My pink flip flops with a longer base to add my height. I recently just bought it in Malacca.

Is it because I'm short which explains on my choice on longer items? Honestly, I don't know. I just favor them more. Even my phone!

This is my current mobile that I'm using. It is a LG Wine.

I prefer clamp shell or slides. Why? Just because after opening it or slide it open, it becomes longer! Bar phones are usually short. The downside is that the long-nest is only temporary and once it is closed, it is even shorter than the bar phones. One day, I would really like to be able to tell my friends that 'So what I'm short, at least my phone is longer than yours! Watch video also nicer!'. I can't do that now as they can just close my phone and just laugh at me. That is why I would love to own that LG Chocolate!

I'm sure most of you know that I'm a hardcore LG fan. If there's a football team name after LG, I would so watch them on the field even if it is 3am in the morning. Before LG Wine, I had a black LG slide phone and a LG KS360. In between, I had tried other phone brands but I just can't stick to them for long and I will always miss my LG phones and often going back to my old LG phones. I'm not saying that LG phones are the perfect phones but I will love to try more of them to find my perfect one. I want to be the proud owner of this breathtaking sleek supermodel phone!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can't think of a title. ...

Was just chatting with Michelle about her dinner tonight, so sweet of her boyfriend to sing for her farewell. Totally made the atmosphere. Tears........

I need to get more organized! Yeah, that is what I need to do! Felt bad to just abandon this blog this way, it used to be so updated. All my hard work ever since 2005, I think. I've just gotten really busy that I literally needed my sleep more than my viral social life. That is why they invented Twitter is great for all the short messages, want more? Blog la! Who say 140 character is not enough?! Don't write so much la! Keep it to yourselves, not everything the world wide web needs to know.

All the little things really matters, been really blessed in every way if you paid a little more attention to what God is doing to your life. Be more patient to learn that every action comes with consequences. Karma much?? Doing good makes you feel good, there is no need to boost about it. It will just make your day, somehow. Altruism is so important even when you had a bad day. I learned how to keep it simple and don't ask for so much. Smile even when the customer 'Hentam' you.

I missed the Tcpj's CF-ers!!!

I love folders for papers. Random facts. I love the chopstick that Joanne gave me. I love my perfume though it make me sneeze. I love my Planner to the MAX! So pretty.... make me want to use it more, even to just open and close them and repeating it for a few times. Feel the soft cover running through the tip of my fingers, sometimes, I do miss it when I don't bring it along with me!

I had great cupcakes today! and bah kut teh for lunch. Yummmm......

Michelle's farewell part 2 - with our crazy lecturers!


Ps: Catch them on FB (jqlee) for more funny pictures! All caught in action.

Michelle's farewell part 1- with all the crazy peers

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Update

I know I haven't been updating as regularly. I have just been busy and lazy, even when I have the time, I would prefer to just stay home, sleep and do nothing. Not even the Internet excites me anymore, this probably due to the reason of too many restrictions as I can't write just about anything. Anyway, the Internet is freaking slow these few days. Thus, the more reason for me not to use them.

I totally give up in trying to win the Iphone or Itouch. I think the Wise fellow got bored of my pictures. Hahaha. Though, I am quite happy that the contest is going well, it was also fun walking around SS15 to promote this contest and meeting some 'interesting' people. There was a group of Segi Business Marketing students around that area too, trying to get survey feedback. We did barter system!

Probably it is just not meant to be. Iphones are not for me, I'm going back to my wonderland in owning a blackberry.

Shifting to Lakeside was fun. I can't wait to actually see the lake to be clear and the hotel/accomodation building to be up, it will then be picture perfect. More parking space will be up in Feb!! Also, we are closer to nature due to the cows around that area. Hehehehe.....

Monday, January 18, 2010


"Goncang" and win a Nokia N97.
Not a Nokia Fan?

How about an Iphone?
Not a Fan too?

How about...... PS3, Wii, PSP, Ipod Touch, 5 Original Games, and the thing unseen is a LCD TV!

So start shaking-a-Chip!

Far Horizon Travel & Tour launching

Post mortem!

We have 3 tables in total! Imagine the amount of food we order! Carey Island for seafood.

In the Awesome Mitsubishi Lancer! Andrew drove a few of us.


happy Birthday Sherrene!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

OKU for a week.

Imagine, I'm already so annoyed by the fact that my left ear is growing fungus which causes the block, what if I suddenly became a total deaf? I know that I just can't live without any of my body part functioning normally. I need them more than they need me! It feels so odd now that I can only pay half of my attention to someone that is talking to me. I practically have to focus on listening with one ear to actually get what they are saying. Today in church was dreadful due to my condition. I was leading praise and worship, I had to ensure that I was on the right note. Somehow everything seems so soft and everyone seems to tone down their voice when the fact was my ear playing tricks. This actually leads me to tone voice down too just to feel that I'm not shouting or something. I was trying my best not to get frustrated at those whom are soft spoken, I constantly have to tell them to speak louder. Trust me, I have to tell them to speak 3 or 4 times louder in order for me to get what in the world they are talking about.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Amazing Contest!!!

Are you thinking about an Iphone?? How about an Ipod Touch??

Dreaming to call them yours?!!!!

I know what you can do to bring those precious home, it is really that simple.
Check out:
OHHHH!!!! One more thing, I forgot to mention that IN THE FINALS, they are also giving away A COMPLETE GAMING SYSTEM!
(includes PS3, 5 Original Games & LCD TV)

No doubt I'm joining!
Even though I prefer blackberry but I'm not so stupid to reject a free Iphone or Ipod touch or PS3 or LCS TV. Hahahahhahaha, can have a complete gaming experience in my room! Just wait and see, sure my whole family stuck in my room because of the LCD TV! Watch American Idol season 9.

I know you want them! and you know I want them too!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Not much about the accident.

I told some of my friends that I'm going to be blogging about my recent minor accident but somehow I just feel too lazy to even try to explain what happen, details and all. If you really want to know, just ask me the next time you see me. I prefer a face-to-face communication in order for me to happily describe it with all my other non-verbal supports. It will be so much fun talking to you!

Before the accident, while I just dropped Sim off in Mentari, there was a massive jam. In this situation, I will start making my choice on which pathway should I journey into as there were many roads that leads me back to my home area. It was 6.30pm, what do you expect, it's freaking peak hours for highways. Somehow I picked the inner road that I recently learned.

After the accident, I can't help but to think 'What if I have used the other road? Why am I so dumb to pick this road today?' All these kind of questions started popping up.

In real life, I'm sure most of us have the 'What if' question. Some of us can't forget the time when a mistake was done and kept pondering 'what if I did not do that or what if I have done the other thing which I'm supposed to do?'. I believe that there are a handful of college students felt that what if they had taken up the courses of their choice or what if they had studied other courses. According to a survey on Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development suggested that 1/3 of the graduates believed that they had studied the wrong course. It seems that it had held those 1/3 back in their later life.

I guess now I realize how under-appreciated education counselors are. Fine, maybe is just me. I never really saw the picture of how important and valuable are their contribution to the society. They are very much needed especially for those who are unsure about their future. In the past, I assumed that these so called 'education counselors' are just some bunch of workers for student's registration purposes. To me, it used to be 'If you don't know what you want to study or you don't know what you want to do in the future, seriously, just go slap yourself!' It's your future, how can you not know what you want to do?! What is wrong with you, don't you have an interest or a life?! Come on, MAN UP! You can't even decide on such a simple decision, how are you going to survive the real man eating world?!

My perception turned 180 degrees, I was wrong and it is not just because I am working in the student services department. Trust me, I've been working as a student helper for a year plus and only now I discovered this significant information. From the survey as well, it seemed that 2/3 of the respondents felt their university could have offered better career advice. A thousand slaps back to my face from all those whom I told to slap themselves. (Joking, to be clear, I DID NOT ask anyone to slap themselves.) Wow, it seem so minor but so crucial too because it does affect the student's future career. It is not just counseling, you are helping them to choose the most suitable programme according to their personality, character and interest. It is also not just informing what the university has to offer but it is guiding and showing some light and hope to the students.

Seriously, Taylor's student helpers in the student services department should get a bonus or a raise. We are overworked!