Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bonita group + elianto sale

While I was looking up for the Map too jalan pengaturcara, led me to another sale in cheras. It' the Bonita group and elianto clearance. I didn't know that I have been there before too until I got to the place. If I was not mistaken, I was there with my family for my mom's friend clothing warehouse sale. It was awesome, I remembered getting my demin jacket for only RM10! What a deal, though such a pity as I only wore them once for Cameron. Weather here is too hot even for fashion purposes.

As I was saying, I got hold of the map to the Bonita group sale, it wasn't a great help though as it only showed the Taman area. Not really whether from federal or kesas or LDP or etc. Even upon reaching Cheras, I was still struggling looking for the area. All I have in mind was to just go straight until I see something that at least shows in the map. I am never bored driving alone, I will always blast the music and keep changing the radio channel. Many times I will dance to the beat too! I think sometimes people looking through the window laughed at me. Whatever, as long as I'm happy.

I will have to say that I am actually pretty disappointed with the sale or maybe is just that it didn't really have much elianto products displayed but I think the cosmetics is a great deal. However, some of their fragrance or products are cheaper to be purchased from their stores. RM 1 for liquid eyeliner, aqua shadow, gloss and etc. I got only 2 eyeliner in purple and blue, 3 aqua shadow in silver, green and blue, moose shadow in purple and baked shadow in fresh green. Moose shadow and baked shadow only cost RM 5 for both.

I was really happy learning new roads, finding new places and looking at new stuffs. I think I am going to sleep then wake up to complete the booklet. It is camp this saturday and I am already exhausted even before it starts.

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