Saturday, December 26, 2009

Using this 15 minutes

So, I have 15 minutes to blog before I'm off to get ready for an informal meeting. To have holidays that do not involve work is fun. I had yesterday and today off, sadly I'm working tomorrow. I found out that after blocking all Facebook game application, it doesn't seem so interesting anymore. Definitely a plus as I saved so much of my time not worrying whether my food in cafe is cooked or my fish is hungry. Also, I don't understand the poking game? Jason pang and I keep on poking each other. What is the meaning behind it? Someone please save me from my curiosity.

Recently, I borrowed a chinese movie from Miss Ririne. 'Raise of the Red Lanterns' I was surprised with the ending. I totally expected that it might like all other movies, cry in the beginning and happy endings. Literally, there was already tears just as the movie is starting. It was an ancient story about an educated girl being forced into marriage at the age of 19 to a rich man who already have 3 wives. She will be the fourth concubine. When there is polygamy, it is natural to have those wives plotting against each other. I was expecting that she will end up falling in love with the 1st wives's son who is constantly out for business trips but no...... she went 'ku ku' even before the scandal can be done! Ever since her arrival, she had caused 2 deaths in the Chen clan's family and had broken many family traditions. The red lanterns will be raised in a particular wife's house area if the master choose to stay the night with her. To them, it was significant to have red lanterns hanging on their area. The more often it happens, they will sooner or later rule the house. A reminder that each of the wives has their own house.

Okay, I passed my 15 minute time limit. Said goodbye to my grandma just as she leaves for Malacca. Getting hooked on perfumes, already have a small collection. What a SIN! I think I need to learn to be involved with the project 10 pan!

Sherlock holmes was good. Going for Alvin chipmunks tonight! off now.

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